Belawan is a harbor in Medan, Indonesia. Located on the northeast coast of Sumatra, Belawan is Indonesia's busiest seaport outside of Java.

Medan is the capital of North Sumatra province in Indonesia. Located along the northeastern coast of Sumatra island, Medan is the fourth biggest city by population in Indonesia, behind Jakarta, Surabaya and Bandung. Medan is a popular tourist destination for history buffs and food lovers, and a gateway to another well-known destination in Nortrh Sumatera, Lake Toba.

Port Information
Tourist Attractions
3°46'31.80" N, 98°40'59.52" E
GMT + 7 Cruise and Cargo Up to 1,000 passengers
Minimum depth: 8m40 Minimum width: 200 meters
Maximum speed: ..knot/hour
Number: 1
Length: 1200 meters
Depth along: 7m60
  Diameter: 200 meters
CLOSEST Kuala Namu International Airport (KNO) /(53 Km)
CLOSEST Medan (24 Km)
Siloam Dhirga Surya Hospital (24 Km)
Rumah Sakit Universitas Sumatera Utara (27 Km)
Royal Prima Hospital (27 Km)
Murni Teguh Memorial Hospital (23 Km)
220 V
Rupiah (IDR)
Port of Belawan

Places of Interest Around Belawan

Belawan is a port city near Medan, the provincial capital of North Sumatra. Northeastern coast of Sumatra. Located on the Deli River, the port is connected through an accessible road to Medan. It is a busy trading that is well-linked with Malaysia and Singapore.

The city of Medan itself was dubbed as the Paris of Sumatra by the Dutch during their occupation in the 1800’s due to its resemblance to Paris. Today, the area has gone through massive development in their access and infrastructure, while still retaining its architectural beauty and natural landscape. From the port of Belawan, visitors can experience the vibrant culture in its bustling city scene under the gleaming skies.

Olo Beach (3.9 Km)

Also known as the Ocean Pacific Beach, Olo has a coastline of cemented short walls to contain the incoming waves. On that wall are benches where visitors can sit on to enjoy the calm waves in peace, or take a dip in those safe waters.

Attractions in Olo Beach include:

  • Fishing on the coastline as the walled beachfront enables fish to swim close
  • Strolling along the coastline or sitting with the view of passing fishing ships
  • Seafood culinary trip in the area populated by fishermen

Siba Island (23.6 Km)

This island sitting by the Baharu river is spruced by mangrove vegetation planted along the waters. Whilst providing protection against erosion, the mangrove trees provides an ecosystem for surrounding aquatic animal and a pleasing visual beauty.

Attractions in Siba Island include:

  • Fishing areas around the Siba island.
  • Strolling along the mangrove-lined beaches.
  • Horse riding areas along the shore

Cemara Kembar Beach (75.4 Km)

As one of the ‘youngest’ beaches in the Medan area, opening in July 2015, this beach has replicas of cultural buildings of several ethnicities of the region as an added attraction and an opportunity to learn about the cultural aspects of the region.

Attractions in Cemara Kembar include:

  • Traditional buildings and houses of several ethnicities as an attraction
  • Dinner at seafood restaurants built by the beachfront for a view
  • Strolling along the mangrove vegetation for the access towards the beach


Surfing spots in Medan isn’t very well-known by the surfing crowd. Geographically remote, it provides that perfect, uncrowded waves that surfers crave for. The island is perfectly suited for surfing due to its position of being open to the full magnitude of the Indian Ocean with year round winds. Surf breaks are available in Simeulue (305 Km).

Boat Rides

The options for boat rides, both for excursions and fishing trips, are available from multiple spots in the area. Surrounded by experienced fishermen and sailors to guide you for your perfect fishing trips, the boats can to pleasure excursions and aquatic sightseeing around the island. Boat charters are available in Siba Island (23.6 Km) and Mursala Island (236 Km.)

Scuba Diving

Those willing to take a dive to the deep end will find options aplenty, with countless tour and travel offering packages for scuba diving around the island. The unspoiled marine beauty await at the end of the less-beaten path. This activity requires relevant certifications. Scuba trips, courses, and gear rentals are available in Mursala Island (236 Km.)

Merdeka Walk (23.8 Km)

Medan is the home of many delicious dishes, from its Soto Kesawan to its snakehead soup. The Merdeka Walk provides a wide variety of delicacies in a single street. This is suitable for group outings.

Tjong A Fie Mansion (24.5 Km)

Similar with the Tjong Fat Tze Mansion in Malaysia, the Tjong A Fie Mansion offers a view into the bustling Medan lifestyle in the 1900’s. This mansion is renowned for its magnificent decorations and lush gardens.

Istana Maimun (25.3 Km)

Istana Maimun is the royal palace of the Deli Sultanate, which is now open for public. Visitors can wear traditional clothings and take pictures in the throne room for a small fee.

Museum of North Sumatra (30 Km)

This museum holds extensive information on the rich culture and history of North Sumatra. It displays the Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, and Dutch influences in its exhibits.

Lake Toba (110 Km)

Despite its distance from the city center, the majestic charm of this giant crater lake is worth every moment of the journey. The area also boasts waterfalls and hot springs in the vicinity.
1. Kantor Otoritas Pelabuhan Utama Belawan

Pelabuhan Belawan, Jl. Suar No. 1, Belawan I, Medan, Sumatera Utara

Phone : +62 61 6941051

2. Pelindo 1

Jalan Krakatau Ujung No.100, Medan 20241, Sumatera Utara

Phone : +62 61 6610220, 6610906

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