Sail Nias is an international maritime event held by the government of Indonesia. It is part of the Sail Indonesia series, earlier organized as Sail Moyo Tambora in 2018, Sail Sabang in 2017, Sail Karimata in 2016, Sail Tomini in 2015, Sail Raja Ampat in 2014, Sail Komodo in 2013, Sail Morotai in 2012, Sail Wakatobi-Belitung in 2011, Sail Banda in 2010, and Sail Bunaken in 2009.

Sail Nias 2019 will be held on Nias Island for a three month period, from July to September 2019. The highlight of the event will be held on September 14, 2019 at Teluk Dalam, South Nias,  North Sumatra.

The theme for Sail Nias 2019 is”Nias - Embarking the Global Tourism Destination Stage”. This event will offer a viable opportunity to promote Nias globally and boost the local economy. An array of activities are scheduled tobe held in five regencies through out Nias island, among others:

  1. Wonderful Nias Expo 2019,
  2. Wind Surfing and Sailing Competiton
  3. Cultural Shows
  4. Battle Ships Parade  by Indonesian NAVY
  5. Traditional Fisherman Ships Parade
  6. Nias Marathon.
  7. Free Diving Competition,
  8. Fishing Tournament Sail Nias,
  9. Nias Lompat Batu Festival,
  10. Batu Islands Cultural Festival,
  11. Culinary and Coffee Festival
  12. Wonderful Foto Tourism Expo
  13. Seminar Kebudayaan
  14. Bakti Sosial Surya Baskara Jaya TNI AL

Nias island has been known internationally as one of the best tourist destinations particularly among the surfers. Thanks to its challenging wave, pristine water  and less crowded beaches. In addition, Nias island is rich with archaeological sites from megalithicum period.

Nias island is located in the Indian ocean, off the western part of Sumatra. It has 5 administative regencies, i.e Kota Gunung Sitoli, Nias Induk, North Nias, West Nias, and South Nias. All of these areas share similary natural beauty and abundance, particularly the beaches and their underwater attractions.

Visitors to Nias have many attractions to chose from, from white sandy beaches, nartural history to cultural attractions.

While Sorake and Lagundri beaches rank top surfing destination,  Teluk Dalam offer amazing diving spots. Hinako islands in West Nias offers amazing spots for surfing, snorkeling, fishing or even just for sunbathing. Another unique beach is Gawu Soyo which has pink sand on its beach, similar to the pink beach ones can find near Komodo island.

For those who are interested with natural history, they can visit a Tetegewo megalithic site  on South Nias Selatan.

But one cultural attraction that is unique only to Nias island is Lompat Batu (local dialect: Hombo Batu, or Stone Jumping. This tradition has been recognized internationally, thus becoming the ultime cultural attraction of Nias island. This Stone Jumping tradition has been carried down for many generations by the local youth of Nias. The purpose of this stone jumping is that every young man who can jump over this stone will be considered as an adult who is now classified as physically mature. He will have the right to marry and participate in wars.

Bawomataluo village is one of the island’s icon where visitors can enjoy performance of Hombo Batu as well as Fataele dances.

In the past 4 years, Nias has seen an average visitors of 240,000 tourists annually. For accessibility, Nias has an airport that serve filghts from and to Jaarta, Medan and Padang. Nias aims to attract 1 million visitors in 2024

Sail Nias 2019 is expected to be an effective event to promote Nias potential as a global tourist destinantion which in turn will attract more visitor to this beautiful and unique island.

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