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Sumbawa – An untouched Surfer’s Paradise


Situated in West Nusa Tenggara is the remote and tranquil island of Sumbawa. Relatively untouched by the common tourist, the island is renown for its picturesque white sandy beaches, luscious landscapes, beautiful diving destinations and quaint local culture. 

A haven for avid surfers, Sumbawa is renown for its diverse wave riding spots. Famous surf breaks like Lakey Peak, Yo-Yo’s, Supersucks and Scar Reef are frequented by pro surfers who are keen for a challenge and not afraid of the 100 metre long waves. Another popular beach in the regency is Maluk Beach. The crisp white sand, clear blue waters ,and breathtaking panoramic views of the hillside surrounding this beach make this beach as one of the favourites among tourists and locals alike. For those who fancy sea turtles, Maluk Beach also hosts a turtle conservation site where visitors have the opportunity to release some baby turtles into the wild.

There is an abundance of untouched, majestic diving locations around the island. The sea surrounding Sumbawa offers deep and vibrant walls with fertile volcanic breeding grounds that yield a large variety of marine life and pristine coral reefs. For an unforgettable diving experience be sure to visit the islands of Moyo, Sangeang and Satonda.

If you are looking for some adventure in a different terrain, then a hike to Mount Tambora is a must. It is the highest mountain in Sumbawa measuring 2,722 meters high and is also the site of the largest volcanic eruption recorded in history. A hike to the top of this mountain will be rewarded with breathtaking views, including that of the enormous and mesmerizing 1,100 M deep crater.  

In the main town of Sumbawa Besar, still exists a very rural and traditional way of life. The main attraction in this town is the Dalam Loka (Sultan’s Palace) which used to function as the Sultan’s place of residence. Since the establishment of a new palace in 1932, this palace, which occupies an entire block, has become a heritage preservation site.


Get There

First make your way to Lombok. From Lombok, you can take a ferry to Poto Tano in West Sumbawa.

Some resorts can arrange a private sea plane from Bali directly to Sumbawa or a fast boat from Lombok. 

On Sumbawa there are public buses which run on the island's main highways. Car hire is possible through hotels in Sumbawa Besar of Bima. Motorcycles can also be rented. 

If you want a more authentic experience, try a traditional horse cart – called a benhur – to explore around Sumbawa Besar. 

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