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Mangrove of Maerokoco: The Photogenic Eco Tourism Destination in Semarang, Central Java


The rise of social media featuring live video and multiple photo updates play a significant role in promoting new travel destinations worldwide, faster than ever before. Internet users, especially those who actively engage on screen, are now sharing every details of their days moreover of where they spend their holidays. One of the places that gains popularity from travel hashtags and holiday images on social media thread is the recently opened Mangrove Trekking of Maerokoco.

Also known as Puri Maerokoco, this site is part of the Central Java's Recreation Centre and Development Promotion area, 3 kilometers east of Achmad Yani Airport. Puri Maerokoco was built in the concept of a miniature province of Central Java, adorned with 35 pavilions. Each pavilion represents the signature style of each region's traditional house within the province along with their best local products. A boat cruise tour will take you on a mini voyage through the man-made Java Sea, passing through the pavilions.

Mangrove of Maerokoco: The Photogenic Eco Tourism Destination in Semarang, Central Java

Titah Listyorini, the Main Director of the Central Java's Recreation Centre and Development Promotion, who is also in charge of managing Maerokoco, said the Mangrove Trekking bamboo path was built in November 2016 and opened a month later in December 2016 as a new tourist attraction in Maerokoco. From then, it was swarming with visitors, especially young generation eager to get a great photo shot.

The trekking site is made of semicircular bamboo paths just a meter away from the water surface. It goes in and around the lush mangrove trees, making a photogenic niche among the greeneries and its waterfront settings. People usually crowd the trekking paths in the morning and afternoons.

The visitor rates are excitedly increased after the new trekking paths are opened, from an average of 300 to 1,200 visitors per day. Today, Maerokoco opens daily from 07.00-19.00 Western Indonesia Time.

Mangrove of Maerokoco: The Photogenic Eco Tourism Destination in Semarang, Central Java

To draw an even bigger audience, the facility continues to host attractive events of fishing sports, cultural festival and music entertainment. Malam Minggu Maerokoco (M2M), literally means "Saturday Night of Maerokoc", routinely held every Saturday evening. It is an open air stage settings on the edge of a lake with the mangrove forest as its natural background is hoped to be the next hotspot for Semarang's ecotourism destination.

In the near future, Maerokoco is planned to be revitalized into a better facility with enhanced amenities. The Mangrove ecotourism is the ignition to revive the suspended growth of the old theme park to a brand new recreation centre that welcomes every visitor with awesome experience of Central Java.

Don't miss gazing at the sunset on the bridge overlooking the Marina Beach while sipping on local coffee. You will also find delectable choices of local cuisine to splurge. Rumah Makan Kampung Laut serves seafoods that are freshly harvest from the sea and cooked in various techniques to pamper your taste bud. Get your camera ready and set to explore the Mangrove of Maerokoco!


Get There

If you travel from Yogyakarta, you can get here by taking public transportation to Semarang's Terboyo Terminal. From there, catch the minibus to the Central Java's Recreation Centre and Development Promotion or locally known as PRPP (Pusat Rekreasi dan Promosi Pembangunan) Jawa Tengah. Renting a motorcycle or private car can also be an option to access this site with more comfort. From the city center of Semarang, Maerokoco is located 5 km from Tugu Muda area.


Get Around

Walking around through each pavilions is the best way to enjoy Puri Maerokoco. Or, explore the site by riding the special transportation provided to tour the whole premises. There are trains, water rickshaws, boats and gondola to take you on sightseeing sensations with each different ambiance.


Where To Stay

Novotel Semarang (2.6 km from Taman Puri Maerokoco)
The Novotel Semarang is conveniently located in the Central Business District on Jalan Pemuda, only 5 minutes away from the famous Simpang Lima Shopping Center. It houses a fun kids club, car rentals and a club that offers live DJ performances. The hotel is a very strategic base at 7 kilometer away from the Achmad Yani International Airport, and 10 minutes walk from Tawang Train Station. The interior emits a warm inviting feel with the hues of brown-beige-teracottas mixed with woods and marbles.

Address: Jl. Pemuda no. 123, 50132 Semarang, Indonesia


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