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Enjoy The Delicious Springroll of Chinatown in Semarang


Semarang, capital city of Central Java Province, is a city blessed with a fantastic atmosphere of diverse cultural heritage from those who played their part in its precious history. The European touch of the Dutch colonial era are carved in the buildings in the Oudstadt (the Old City) complex, while the Middle East and Gujarat culture radiate strongly in the area of Pekojan – Kauman.

In another quarter, Chinese predecessors of Semarang left some of their most beautiful oriental legacies in the alleys of Kranggan area, or better known today as Pecinan or Chinatown. Situated in the heart of Semarang, the Chinatown area covers several alleys (Gang) including Gang Pinggir, Gang Lombok, Gang Warung, and Gang Baru.

Stepping into the Chinatown complex is literally like entering a mini version of China. Highlighted by a number of shrines, Chinese Pharmacies, fortune tellers, and distinct Chinese food stalls, the depth of Chinese culture that is so evident here is truly compelling, suggesting Semarang as the most “Chinese” City on the island of Java. The main street in Chinatown in Gang Warung transforms into a vibrant culinary center every weekend from  Friday to Sunday, and is known as Pasar Semawis. West Indonesia Time and features a mixture of Chinese and Javanese culinary delights.

The one thing that you definitely must try in Semarang’s Chinatown is the famous Lumpia (Springroll) Semarang. A lot of people say that Gang Lombok has the best Lumpia in the entire city. For a complete culinary experience, the Pasar Semawis Culinary Center in Gang Warung is truly a must. Most of the food here is different to what you'll find elsewhere. Here  a number of stalls sell mouthwatering dishes with pork in them – a rarity anywhere on Java.


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