Sauwandarek Tourism Village


Sauwandarek Tourism Village is located in the western part of Waisai, the capital city of Raja Ampat district, West Papua province. This village is part of Meos Mansar district. Homes in this tourism village with 46 families or about 179 population have original leaf roofs.

In this village, women, particularly mothers, produce hats and bags made of sea pandan leaf. This village is famous for its beautiful corals. In addition, there is a salty lake locally called Telaga Yenauwyau, which is located behind the village.


Get There

To go to Sauwandarek Tourism Village, in Meos Mansar, Raja Ampat district, West Papua, you have to take air and land transportations. It is easier for you to take a flight to Sorong first. It is a gateway to Raja Ampat area.

There are several flights that can take you to Sorong. For sea transportation, ships transiting in Port Sorong are Dorolonda, Labobar, Gunung Dempo, Sinabung, and Tatamailau. From Sorong, you can take a motorboat from Sorong Fishery Port to Waisai, the capital city of Raja Ampat district. From Waisai, you can continue your journey by using a rented longboat to Sauwandarek.

There are two alternative ships from Sorong to Waisai. First, using speed boat for about two hours, or second, using local government’s ship for four hours journey. After that, your journey by longboat from Waisai to Sauwandarek will take about four hours.


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