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The Thrilling International Musi Triboatton 2016 at Palembang, South Sumatra


On 11th-15th May Palembang, capital city of the province of South Sumatra, will come alive with the annual International Musi Triboatton 2016 (IMT 2016) covering a distance of over 500 km on the meandering Musi river, and which this year is expected to be  participated by 20 international and provincial teams.

The Triboattan race comprises three international standard rowing sports in rafting, canoeing and dragonboat racing along the wide, iconic Musi river that runs through much of the province and through the city of Palembang.

The race will pass districts through which the Musi river flows, being the Districts of Musi Banyuasin, Musi Rawas, Banyuasin, Mepat Lawang and the City of Palembang itself. The Official Opening of will be held on 12 May at the Youth Stadium at Kota Sekayu in the District of Musi Banyuasin,

Competitors will cover five stages : the first stage starts in the village of Tanjung Raya in the District of Empat Lawang, then on to the village of Ulak Mengkudu at Empat Lawang which is a relay point and finishing at the Kuning Bridge.

The second stage starts in the village of Muara Kelingi in the District of Musi Rawas, to continue to the third stage at Kota Sekayo in the District of Musi Banyuasin. While the fourth stage starts from the pier at Pengumbuk in the District of Banyuasin, and the fifth or final stage takes place at the sub-district of 10 Ulu Kota Palembang with Finish line in the city of Palembang itself, where the closing ceremony will also be held.

IMT 2016 joins three river adventures using 3 different types of boats, which are river boats, kayaks and traditional racing boats, followed by a master boat all the way from upriver, passing strong currents along  the total 500 km stretch. 

South Sumatra Governor, Alex Nurdin, explained that the annual Musi Triboatton is staged to create exciting events for tourists to enjoy and participate in, at the same time trigger infrastructure development in the region that will accelerate economic development of South Sumatra.


While Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya, is convinced that the Musi Triboatton 2016 will create widespread publicity for South Sumatra with the presence of many international and Indonesian television crews and the press, that will certainly attract more and more tourists to South Sumatra.