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Wonderful Indonesia


Indonesia is a country blessed with countless wonders. What makes this country unique is its diverse culture and magnificent nature, which should be celebrated and preserved by everyone. Therefore, The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia presents Wonderful Indonesia, a promise to make Indonesia a place where everyone can enjoy its natural and cultural wonders.

Wonderful Indonesia is our commitment to promote various destinations in the archipelago for domestic and international tourism. Based on what tourists seek to explore and experience, the wonders of Indonesia have been divided into five categories: Nature, Culinary & Wellness, Arts & Heritage, Recreation & Leisure, and Adventure. There are many platforms, both online (social media, news outlet, and official website) and offline (brand & institution partnerships, travel promotions, etc.), that are being utilized for Wonderful Indonesia’s campaigns.

Wonderful Indonesia welcomes all brands, institutions, and tourism stakeholders to establish partnerships and help spread the word about the abundance of wonders in Indonesia.