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Cendrawasih, the Bird of Paradise


Papua is not only blessed with beautiful nature and rich natural resources. This most eastern province of Indonesia also has exquisite fauna, and one of them is Cendrawasih Bird.

The bird which has a mix of more than three vibrant colors on their feathers are originated from this island. Its exceptional beauty makes Cendrawasih named "The Bird of Paradise" by the British people, who previously refused to believe in its existence because of their beauty. Cendrawasih was used as a gift for the Kings in 1522 after the European acknowledging the bird’s existence.

There are 41 Cendrawasih species in Indonesia, with 37 species live in Papua. Some of its types are named based on their main colors, like Cendrawasih Kuning Kecil, Cendrawasih Kuning Besar, and Cendrawasih Merah. For instance, Cendrawasih Kuning Kecil and Cendrawasih Kuning Besar have a dominant “kuning” or yellow color on their feathers, thus the names.

Cendrawasih, the Bird of Paradise
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Besides their majestic appearance, Cendrawasih also gifted with the beautiful voice and mesmerizing dancing.

You can take a look at Cendrawasih Parotia, the bird which mainly colored in black with a hint of light blue that shows off its amazing dance during mating season.
Unfortunately, nowadays Cendrawasih are categorized as endangered species. Its beauty leads to the high demand for poaching.

Not to mention the deforestation for the plantation that has significantly reduce its habitat.

However, you can go to several tourism destinations to witness this beautiful creature in Papua, namely Mamberamo Foja, Merauke, Wamena and Jaya Wijaya districts. Coming to a secluded place in the middle of a forest while listening to a melodious serenade and watching the Birds of Paradise will be a precious lifetime experience for you.


Cendrawasih, the Bird of Paradise
Image source: Shutterstock

Some important tips if you plan to watch the birds are not using any kind of perfume or simply not taking shower before going for bird watching, as Cendrawasih has a high smelling sensitivity. The birds are also sharp-eared, so do not make any noise while you are around their area. Hiding behind trees and using dark-colored clothes are suggested so the birds will not be able to see you.


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