Enjoy The Famous Rendang Recipe in Pasar Atas


West Sumatra, has many famous things from it’s culture and cuisine. Exquisite handicrafts producing rich gold and silver “songket” cloths on handwoven red, sky blue, royal yellow or deep green cloths; elegant embroidered pieces used at elaborate traditional weddings, fine embroidered “peranakan” wedding costumes, accessories and sandals, filigree work, woodcarving, embroidered muslim wear and prayer veils and a whole lot more.

It’s cuisine has one of the most famous recipe dish which by CNN Go calls as the world’s most favorite dish, which is the Rendang recipe. The cubed beef has been marinated and cooked in many kinds of ingredients, resulting in the soft unforgettable meat dish which tastes heavenly eaten with steaming hot rice.

You can find the famous rendang at Pasar Atas in Padang City, the place with the most mouth watering Padang food. But beware, most of Padang food is known to be extremely chilli hot, as you can see from the red sauce dripping from almost all dishes.

Another hot favorite dessert is the Pisang kapik, or the barbequed banana, that comes in sweet, sour or salty tastes added with ground coconut meat and brown sugar. Other tidbits to take home or munch on the road are the many kinds of crackers made of cassava, potatoes or sweet potatoes, covered in cheese or chilli sauce.


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