Asian Jazz Festival, Groovy Event on The Shore of Harbor Bay


Batam is one of a kind Indonesian island city which lies closest to the other ASEAN countries. A mere 30 minutes ferry ride away from Singapore, and about an hour and a half from Johor Baru, Malaysia, the city is abuzz daily with all sorts of business activities. It becomes quite natural, therefore, that every year the unity of ASEAN is celebrated here on Batam through the groove of The ASEAN Jazz Festival.

Held annually on the shores of Harbor Bay during the month of September, ASEAN Jazz Festival is where some of the finest jazz musicians convene, collaborate, and present some of the best musical performances to the audience. Hailed as an event that presents jazz not only as entertainment but as a media for education and appreciation, ASEAN Jazz Festival was initiated in 2008 by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia. With the distinct atmosphere of Harbor Bay around, the festival presents its own special ambience.

The stages overlooking the sea and set among the lively cafes of Harbor Bay. The most distinct feature of the ASEAN Jazz festival is its cosiness and intimacy. Fans can greet their idols when they walk up to the different stages. Some of the most prominent international jazz musicians who have decorated the line up over the years, and from Indonesia’s own jazz scene, the festival also saw the performance of some of the country's best musicians.


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