Lembah Hijau, an All-in-One Center for Education and Entertainment


Lembah Hijau offers a range of fun, refreshing and educational activities. Waterboom is by far the most popular attraction in the park. It contains 4 main pools, a lazy river, and children’s pool equipped with seahorses, water cannons and a giant “bucket” that tilts and pours a cascade of water each time it overflows. There are also plenty of rides for adults to enjoy including a 13 meters tall, 60 meter long spiral slide and an 8 meters long torpedo ride. A new attraction by the name of Twins Boomerang begins 28 meters up and runs for a length of 160 meters, reportedly the longest slide in Sumatra.

Lembah Hijau also has its own mini-wildlife park, creating habitat for about 80 different species of animals. Some of the creatures found in the park are Sambar, horses, camels, deer and birds. This is a fun and educational spot for children to learn to recognize different animals as well as identify various plants species. Visitors also have the opportunity to try horseback riding. Novice riders will be accompanied by an instructor to provide the needed training.

Another interesting spot is the Aquarium, which some say is the only aquarium in Lampung which displays marine creatures from around the world, even from as far as the Amazon River. Other facilities within the compounds also include a mini-train, bumper cars, haunted house, carousel, koi ponds and herb garden. Lembah Hijau also provides restaurants, camping grounds amidst the peaceful, green hills, and cottages to stay the night.


Get There

Lembah Hijau is located approximately 30 minutes from Bandar Lampung, capital of Lampung province. There is no public transport to the park, but access is fairly easy by motorbike, private and rental cars or for larger groups, chartered buses. Lembah Hijau also includes an extensive parking area. The park is located in the hills of Sukadanaham District, Tanjungkarang Barat, Bandar Lampung.


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