Lake Sentarum National Park, Be One with Nature


As a place with such a diverse wildlife collection and beautiful natural surroundings, there are a lot of things you can do in Lake Sentarum National Park, all bearing the same theme of Be One with Nature. For those who enjoy bird watching, Lanjak Hill and Nanga Kenelang are known to have the best spots to observe some of the flying wonders of Lake Sentarum. The vast and fascinating interconnecting lakes also makes a perfect place for canoeing and observing the natural wildlife at the same time.

For those wishing to learn more about the national park, a research lab is available at Bukit Tekenang. Within the vicinity of the national park, about 6 km from the county of Lanjak, you can also discover the traditional Rumah Betang or the traditional Dayak longhouse. If you wish to experience and learn more about the philosophy behind the harmony of life between nature and humans according to the Dayak way, you might want to try to spend time with them.


Get There

From the capital of West Kalimantan, Pontianak, rented cars can be the alternative to get to Lake Sentarum National Park by taking the Pontianak-Sintang-Semitau route, which will take approximately 11 hours. For a more interesting experience you may want to take the river course, by taking a 7 hours boat ride from Sintang to Semitau. From Semitau, the only transportation option available to get to the national Park is by boat.

For a shorter trip, you can take about an hour and a half flight from Pontianak to the nearest town to Lake Sentarum Park, which is Putussibau. From Putussibau you can take the boat for about 7 hours before you reach the national park.


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