Lakey Beach, Wonderful Paradise for Surf Lovers


Lakey beach is a long, wide, palm-lined, white-sand stretch of beach fronted by reef. Much of the bottom is rocky, but farther up the beach it's sandy and good for swimming. It is already well known among the world’s surfers community. The waves here appear to sweep to the left in direction, instead of right, as is common. The uniqueness of this fact, with the added, natural beauty of the beach has become a sensation, especially among surfing enthusiasts. Aside from that, the sea breeze is fairly strong as well which supports the activities of surfing, wind surfing, or kite surfing.

Besides surfing, you can also swim off the beach, but be careful to remember the size and strength of the waves here are pretty fierce. Dangerous rocks are also widely scattered along the surrounding beach. However, the crystal clear sea water does make for an excellent snorkeling site. There are specific spots marked off especially for this particular activity because of the beauty of the coral reef and the variety of tropical fish to be seen.

You can also take sightseeing tours through the waters surrounding the beach by using a charter boat. You can obtain information for these tours at your hotel, or from a tourist booth along the beach. While on these tours you can also have the boat stop for fishing directly from the boat. If you're lucky, while on this tour you might catch the glimpse of a passing dolphin’s fin breaking through the waves. At dusk, watching the sun sink behind the horizon will be a one of a kind of luxury that nature offers before closing the day. The sea water will recede and local sea farmers will comb the sands collecting seaweed that the tide left behind on the rocks.


Get There

To get to Lakey beach, you need to fly in through the city of Bima on the eastern coast of Sumbawa. There are daily flight services from Bali to Bima’s main airport, the Muhammad Salahuddin. From Bima you can take a taxi-bemo (public transportation) which will take you to Hu’u (about a 3 hour drive), or private transfers can be arranged (maximum 4 people). From Hu'u, Lakey beach is around a 30-45 minute drive.

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