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Tomini Bay and Olele Beach, Perfect Diving Getaway


Gorontalo province, located at the tip of Sulawesi, is the perfect place for a marine adventure. There are many incredible diving spots in the province, such as Tomini Bay (Teluk Tomini) and Olele Beach. Most of diving site take you just a few minute from town, Diving in Gorontalo mean diving within the richness of biodiversity, health and unique coral and reefs.

Tomini Bay is a haven for divers because it is located right on the equator, which means its waters are filled with various kinds of unique and exotic sea creatures. Meanwhile, Olele Beach is known as a challenging spot for professional divers across the globe. It is considered as the gateway to an underwater paradise, with some divers even calling it the most beautiful diving site in the world.

Wreck of Japanese Cargo, Tjendrawasih Ship Sail with the fisherman Sentinels: Best of the Best in Diving Fishing Potanga Pool with natural cool and fresh water-directly comes from the mountain spring Otanaha Castle was the protection and defense of the Kings of Gorontalo White sand of Leato Limboto Lake Ayuhulalo Waterfall Boalemo Beach Bolihutuo Beach Bajos Tribe Village.


Get Around

Within the town, Trans Sulawesi is a land access that connected the province in Sulawesi or use Mini bus. To access the diving spot you can use rented car/bike, then take a boat toward your spot preferences. For those who use dive companies services, they'll arrange your activities (transport, meals, lodging) the moment you arrived at Gorontalo. Take a ride with Bentor, support by motor bike machine, for one or two passenger only. Don't worry with the rain, cause Bentor installed with veil.


Get There

Jallaludin airport is the entrance for the visitors who use the airplane service (located approximately 15 KM from the town of Gorontalo). Get the flight from Soekarno-Hatta Airport-Jakarta Jallaludin Air Port, Gorontalo. For visitors who use sea service, Gorontalo has 3 harbors, Anggrek Harbor, Kwandang Harbor and Crossing Harbor.


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