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Tanjung Lesung, The Place to Layback and Immerse in the Beauty of Nature

Banten is a province that is generally known as a getaway to Sumatra. Situated on the western corner of Java, the region where a glorious sultanate once stood is home to a myriad of phenomenal wonders. With plentiful gorgeous natural spots, fascinating cultures, and unique historical landmarks, nowadays Banten has become a destination of choice for many people. Banten is also famous for its fantastic beaches, which makes the region even more desired by tourists all over the nation and even the world.




Located on Java’s most western coast in the regency of Pandeglang, Banten, Tanjung Lesung earned its name because of its resemblance to the Lesung; a Sundanese word for a container used to pound rice. Tanjung Lesung is an integrated beach resort featuring recreational spots and resorts overlooking Mount Anak Krakatau, the only remains of the once-mighty Krakatau volcano. Boasting an area of 1,500 hectares, Tanjung Lesung has been developed by the Banten West Java Tourism Development Corporation (BWJ) since 1996 and is patterned after the famed Nusa Dua Resort in Bali. The resort is envisaged to contain first-class resorts, restaurants, convention hall, golf course, marina, and theme park.



Immerse in the dazzling tropical landscape 


Today, Tanjung Lesung offers a perfect spot to kick back and immerse oneself in the beauty of the vast stretch of soft white sands, lush greeneries, clear and calming blue waters, and fresh tropical breezes blowing around the beach. A wide array of exciting activities from beach volleyball, taking photos, surfing, and riding motorboats, to lingering until the sun comes down can be done around the 15 km shoreline.

The magnificent scenery of Tanjung Lesung also lies beneath the surface. Vibrant coral reefs, swarmed by colorful fish and seafloor dwellers make this beach heaven for snorkeling and diving. For those who enjoy the sensation of catching various big fishes, many fishing spots are available off the coast of Tanjung Lesung.


Tasting fresh catch of the day 


Your trip to Tanjung Lesung wouldn’t be complete without having a taste of the local cuisine. As the waters of Tanjung Lesung are rich with many kinds of fish, you can easily find a lot of fresh catches along the beach. One of the most hunted seafood dishes around here is sate bandeng, a skewered and smoked milkfish rubbed with flavorful traditional Indonesian seasonings. Other than seafood, several meat-based dishes are worth a try. Have a taste of rabeg banten; a spicy goat curry with a mouthwatering aroma, or try nasi uduk empal, a dish consisting of rice made with coconut milk with a side of sweet and spicy fried beef.


Captivate yourself in the fascinating culture


As the sun sets, you can often find several extraordinary Bantenese art performances along the shoreline of Tanjung Lesung. Enjoy the spectacular fire dance, debus, traditional music performance, and many more. Do also give yourself a chance to learn about Mongolian culture here. Not too far from the beach, there’s a Mongolian Culture Centre; a cultural center where you can learn about Mongolian customs, costumes, and cuisine.



From the capital city of Jakarta, the cape of Tanjung Lesung is approximately 160 km away and can be reached by rented car or public bus in about 3-4 hours. The roads are in relatively good condition with beautiful scenery at some spots. From Jakarta, you can take the Jakarta-Merak Toll Road, and take the exit of East Serang. After passing Serang, the road will take you to the town of Pandeglang, Labuan, and eventually you will arrive at Tanjung Lesung.  

Alternatively, you can take the Cilegon exit, then take the road south from the north coast of Banten, passing Anyer and Carita Beach in the direction of Labuan. If you prefer public transport, you can take the bus to the Labuan Bus Station from Jakarta, then continue your journey with an ojek (motorbike ride service) to Tanjung Lesung.


Before you set your foot in Tanjung Lesung, make sure to follow the CHSE (cleanliness, health, safety, and environmental sustainability) protocols. Wear your mask, keep your distance from others, and never forget to always wash your hands. Do also follow our Instagram @wonderfulindonesia, Twitter @wondefulid,  Facebook @WonderfulIndonesia, and subscribe to our Youtube channel at Wonderful Indonesia to find out about many more exciting destinations.

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