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The Incredible Monument of Garuda Wisnu Kencana

On the Bukit Peninsula lies a park with its iconic majestic monument called Garuda Wisnu Kencana or simply known as GWK. It presents the limestone plateau with a beautiful serene park in southern Bali. The cultural park is dedicated to embrace and preserve the art, cultural and spiritual aspects of the Island of Bali. This 60-hectare park offers a place to watch art & cultural performances, observe exhibitions, and experience conferences. In addition, there are breathtaking spots for you to spend the day.

The central icon is the incredible monument of Garuda Wisnu Kencana, one of the tallest and largest modern statues with over 120 meters in height and 64 meters in width. It is conceptualized by Nyoman Nuarta, Indonesia’s finest contemporary sculptor. The landmark depicts the Hindu God Vishnu riding aloft on his winged mount Garuda. Vishnu is considered a member of the holy trinity of Hinduism along with Shiva and Brahma. He is the most important God of Vaishnavism, the largest Hindu sect. Garuda is an eagle-like creature with human features in Hindu mythology.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana Foundation initiated the project with the vision of becoming an international attraction. As a result, GWK is now offering several facilities ideal for various events, both local and international.

The Garuda Wisnu Kencana complex has everything a tourist needs, including culinary delights, shopping spots, and spectacular sceneries. If you want to taste Bali’s cuisines, you should visit the site’s restaurants: The Panoramic Resto and Beranda Resto. Each place offers delicious menus with different outstanding views. Go to The Panoramic Resto for an open-air terrace view while enjoying your lunch or cool down in the shade while sipping your ice-cold drink at Beranda Resto.

Explore the shopping area and experience shopping like nothing before! When you enter GWK cultural park, you will enjoy a 700 meter squared souvenir shop filled with Balinese unique crafts and sculptures. There are plenty of traditional handicrafts you can choose from! 

Be sure to stroll around the main venue Lotus Pond, where many performances and concerts are often held. Morning or late afternoon walk here is excellent as well, with the scenery of their blooming flowers.

Plaza Garuda, Plaza Wisnu, Indraloka Garden, and Plaza Kura Kura are also great sightseeing spots! When you need a snack, a visit to the Street Theater area will provide you plenty of places to buy food and beverages.  Visitors also can share their memorable moments wearing traditional Balinese outfits in GWK Photo Studio.


Get There

Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Cultural Park is located in Ungasan, Badung Regency or about a 10-15-minute drive from Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport or around a 25-minute drive from Kuta.


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