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Bite-Sized Indonesia

Indonesia, the vast archipelago of rich tapestry, unfolds before the world like a beautifully woven batik. It's a nation where nature thrives brazenly and mesmerises the world through its untamed beauty and cultural heritage that has been preserved through different generations. Witness the beauty of Indonesia's allure as you take a dive into the depth of this nation's natural and cultural legacy
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The Wondeful Mosques of Indonesia

The diversity of acculturation has provided mosques in Indonesia their unique features. From this diversity, we identified 74 mosques from 16 provinces in eight theme tourist attraction categories. You can find these magnificent mosques in E-Catalogue The Wonderful Mosques of Indonesia. Enjoy your spiritual journey and seek beyond the ordinary!
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Keris Singa

Mythological lions in Indonesia are usually found in the form of statues in religious buildings such as temples, shrines, hermitages, etc. Lion motifs are also found in batik motifs, carving, puppetry, sungging, forging, dance, literature, etc. One that stands out is the lion motif found in the forging of keris. In keris culture, the lion motif is presented as a decoration for the keris's blade, pendhok, or hilt. In addition, the lion is sometimes presented as a typological name for the keris (dhapur) without any lion motif as a decoration. Lions in keris culture are full of meaning and value. In addition to the aspect of beauty, it is also full of symbolic value and is believed to have magical powers that come from divine powers. The keris singa (lion keris) is present as a marker of the social strata of society, a symbol of guardianship and loyalty, and is believed to be a protective magic (repelling evil). This book reviews the existence of lion motifs in keris culture in Indonesia, with a general historical background, visual studies, functions, technology, and belief in its magical values.
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Karisma Event Nusantara 2023

As a strategic program to support and develop events throughout Indonesia, Karisma Event Nusantara “KEN” has the vision to establish ‘event’ as a leading tourist attraction in Indonesia. One of the strategies undertaken to realize this vision is through collaboration between the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and the regional governments in organizing high-quality events.
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Travel Journal 5 Indonesian Super Priority Destinations

Home to limitless wonders, Indonesia has become one of the world's favorite holiday destinations! Once you set foot in the archipelago, you will never run out of gems to unveil. Get to know about the top 5 destinations that you must visit in Indonesia!
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Indonesia Spice Up the World

Indonesia is renowned widely across the globe as the home to numerous essential kitchen herbs and spices. Take time to learn more about the five iconic culinary delights of Indonesia, which utilize the archipelago’s rich herbs and spices.
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6 Indonesian Adventure Travel Destinations

Not only blessed with eye-catching natural wonders, but Indonesia is also a heaven for thrillseekers. Unveil six spectacular destinations here that will satisfy the need of those who are craving heart-pumping experiences!
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Bali Magz: Eat, Explore and Enjoy Bali

Explore the Island of the Gods' plentiful sensations. One of the world's tourism hubs, Bali boasts an extraordinary appeal. Its natural beauty, rich culture, as well as its wide array of fascinating spots never fail to amaze anyone who sets foot in Bali. Its one-of-a-kind charm has also succeeded in making this paradise on Earth chosen to host the 2022 G20 Summit. Unveil many wonders of the Island of the Gods, from culinary delights to unique destinations, right here!
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Guide to the Hottest Destinations for Couple

E-Booklet Couple for Wonderful Indonesia
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Extreme Adventure Guide for Adrenaline Junkies

E-Booklet Adventure for Wonderful Indonesia
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The Best Guide for Amazing Family Travel with Kids

E-Booklet Family for Wonderful Indonesia
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Journey of Wander: A Travel Guide to Semarang, Surakarta and Magelang

Here’s a complete travel guide to assist you in exploring the wonders of Semarang, Surakarta, and Magelang. A result of a collaboration between the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy with 5 Influencers: Mada Riyanhadi, Debby Permata, Dhita, Wastana Haikal, and Adaptasi.
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Jakarta Always Welcoming You

A melting pot of cultures from all over the archipelago, Jakarta serves as a gate to Indonesia. This book will guide you on how to get the best experiences in this bustling metropolis.
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Bandung Feel The Modern Nostalgia

Left with a bountiful legacy and blessed with soothing landscapes, Bandung has a lot of stories to tell. Discover all the top spots worth visiting around The City of Flowers.
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6 Indonesian Adventure Travel Destinations

Not only blessed with eye-catching natural wonders, but Indonesia is also a heaven for thrillseekers. Unveil six spectacular destinations here that will satisfy the need of those who are craving heart-pumping experiences!
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Indonesia Holistic Wellness: A Guide for Transformative Travel

A comprehensive introduction of wellness travel in Indonesia with different perspectives: Indonesia (an archipelago country with geo-bio-cultural diversities to improve your physical, emotional and mental wellness) • Holistic (local knowledge, traditions and transformation to balance your body, mind, spirit) • Wellness (tourism destinations to improve the quality of your health and wellness).
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Intellectual Property Products

Most Indonesian youths already know the comic artist Tahilalats. The cartoonist, who is known for his work that appeals to the Gen Z crowd on social media, attended this year's MSME exhibition. Fun Cican, who is more popular among young children, was also there to present his intellectual works. Some of the intellectual property design products displayed were drinking bottles, bags, and hats.
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