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5 Scenic Spots in Bintan for Your Romantic Pre-wedding Photos

If you and your loved one are looking to spend a romantic time in a wonderful place before the big day comes, then look no further than Bintan Island, a tropical paradise easily accessible from Singapore and Malaysia. On this magnificent island, you’ll be able to experience luxurious leisure at its exclusive resorts as well as its captivating attractions. Not only that, plenty of mesmerizing scenic spots perfect for pre-wedding photoshoots can also be found on Bintan Island. Curious about these spots? Just have a glance at them below!


1. Gurun Pasir Busung

a photo spot on Gurung Busung

Looking for a natural spot that is quite unusual in Indonesia? Get amazed by the dreamy scenery of Gurun Pasir Busung! Located next to Jalan Raya Busung in Seri Kuala Lobam sub-district, this marvelous desert is such a rare sight in a tropical Indonesian island. Formerly a mining site, this place has transformed into a favorite photo spot in Bintan for many tourists across the world after it was left untouched for a long time. Its beautiful slopes, soft-to-the-touch sands, and unique atmosphere will definitely make your pre-wedding photos a special sight to behold.


2. Danau Biru

the view of Danau Biru

Near Gurun Busung, you can also find another scenic spot that you must check out if you want to take truly romantic pre-wedding photos. Known as Danau Biru or Telaga Biru, which literally means blue lake, this spot is one of the most instagrammable places in Bintan. At noon when the sun shines brightly, the pristine blue waters of this lake will turn even more beautiful as the light makes the surface sparkle. With a touch of magic from the sand dunes of Gurung Busung in the distance, Danau Biru provides a marvelous backdrop for your pre-wedding photos.


3. Trikora Beach

the view of Trikora Beach

Need to get your pre-wedding photos in a place with more tropical vibes? Set your eyes at the exotic Trikora Beach! Situated on the northeastern edge of Bintan, this stretching white sandy beach offers an eye-soothing panorama. With its crystal clear turquoise sea, lush palm trees, as well as plenty of alluring boulders found scattered throughout the shore, Trikora Beach is one of the most romantic photo spots in Bintan. The tranquil atmosphere around Trikora Beach can also set the mood of your photoshoot to be more chilled out.


4. Treasure Bay

the view of Treasure Bay

Image by Sophia Philopova

For those of you who want to take pre-wedding photos in a stunning place while at the same time looking to spend some good time doing exciting activities, then Treasure Bay is certainly right up your alley. Located in the northwestern corner of the island, particularly in the Lagoi area, Treasure Bay offers a lot of wonderful things. The sceneries around here are absolutely gorgeous, thanks to the magnificent Crystal Lagoon which is the largest swimming pool in Southeast Asia. A wide array of water sports are available in this resort city. You and your loved one can enjoy tasty local and international delicacies in the restaurants and beach bars found around the place.


5. White Sands Island

the view from White Sands Island

Surrounded by enchanting views, despite its size, this hidden gem can also be a perfect spot for pre-wedding photos. Located across the shore of Teluk Bakau on the eastern side of the island, White Sands Island provides a serene vibe for those of you who want their pre-wedding photos to be a little bit more intimate. As you and your loved one set your foot on the soft sands of this tiny paradise, the peaceful sight of lush green trees and the vast turquoise ocean will put both of you in awe. Several lovely wooden swings suitable to be used for pre-wedding photo backgrounds can also be found around the island.


Have you got one spot in your mind? Whichever you’re going to choose, all of them will definitely make your pre-wedding photoshoots look completely phenomenal. As you are searching for more inspiring trip ideas with your soon-to-be, do also check out 5 astonishing chapels in Bali for your wedding ceremony as well as 12 fantastic places around Indonesia worth visiting at this romantic time of the year! While you prepare to visit Bintan, make sure to always comply with the CHSE (cleanliness, health, safety, and environmental sustainability) protocol. Don’t forget to wear your mask, keep your distance, and wash your hands as often as possible. Remember to follow our Instagram @wonderfulindonesia, Twitter @indtravel,  Facebook @indonesiatravel, and YouTube @indonesiatravel as well.