Oukup, Natural Spa and Medicinal Treatment the Batak Way


The Batak ethnic groups living in North Sumatra have long realized that nature is not only man’s main source of life but it also provides precious medicinal cures. Traditional natural treatments – in modern days called Spa – have long been part of daily life in Central Tapanuli, in Sibolga, Simalungun and even on the island of Nias. Here, the Batak traditional Spa treatment is known as Martup or Oukup.

Since the past, Batak women have relied on Oukup as the most effective way to to cleanse the body after giving birth, to improve blood circulation, and fantastic for getting rid of excess fat and eliminate body odour. Traditionally, special herbs are carefully picked and collected then boiled in water. The boiling water is then placed in a pail or open receptacle to steam, and a seat placed on it, where the girl will be sit down wrapped in cloth, for her body absorb its steam.

In doing so, her body will soon relax completely starting from her feet to the tips of her fingers, her spine and her head. Her body will perspire and detoxified and rid toxic substances as the now medicinal steam envelops her and enters her body through her opened pores. This traditional treatment will give three beneficial effects. These are complete relaxation and the body reinvigorated; in the short run muscle pain will be reduced. In the long run, when treated regularly it will heal many ailments at the same time rejuvenate the skin. If you wish to try out the Oukup Traditional Spa Treatment in Jakarta, do visit Gaya Spa at Jalan Wolter Monginsidi No. 25 at Kebayoran Baru in South Jakarta. When in Medan, you will be able to find these traditional herbs, drinks and other medicinal treatments of the Batak Oukup in various of Medan Spas.


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