Liang Bua, The Home of Indonesia's Hobbits

Liang Bua is a cave in a limestone hill in Manggarai District, Flores. The local community is familiar with this cave because of its huge size (50 meters long, 40 meters wide, and 25 meters tall). Due to its size, it was once used as a religious worship place and school. Liang Bua is famous the world over following the finding of an ancient skull. The skull was that of a short human called Homo floresiensis, found at a depth of 6 meters.

Its brain measured only 380 cc (compared to a minimum 1,200 cc for a normal modern human brain). Archaeologists are of the opinion that this skull originated from an era back in time some 18,000 years ago. In addition, in a depth of 10.7 meters, ancient animal bones were also found including those of stegodon (an ancient elephant), komodo, turtles, and lizards.


Get Around
Liang Bua and its surrounding areas are only accessible by foot.

Get There
Liang Bua is located 14 km from Ruteng, the capital city of Manggarai district. Bemo (rural public transportation) and trucks carrying passengers from Ruteng usually pass this site but their schedule is tentative. The best way to visit this cave is by taking a rented car or a motor taxi. To reach Ruteng, you can take land transportation from Labuan Bajo, Ende or Maumere. Everyday there is a flight from Kupang to Maumere and Ende. There is also a daily flight from Denpasar to Labuan Bajo, and a twice a week flight from Kupang to Ruteng.


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