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Mount Sinabung, The Mighty Volcano with Glorious View


Traveling to the cool fresh air area of the highlands are much needed to soothe the eyes with breathtaking views. Positioned geographically on 3°10’ North Latitude and 98°23,5’ East Longitude, Mount Sinabung is located within the Karo regency of North Sumatra province. The majestic Mountain with soaring heights of 2,460 meter has a total of four volcanic craters.

There are three routes up the mighty volcano. One is well marked and the other two are less obvious. Due to unpredictable weather, it is best to always hike with an experienced guide. The thick jungle on the flanks of the mountains leads to the massive area of Mount Leuser National Park, thus having an experienced guide is essential to avoid getting lost.

Sightseeing tours are designed for visitors to view Mount Sinabung’s glorious panorama from a safe zone. There are three safe zones to view the glorious panorama or Sinabung which are Tiga Pancur Village in Simpang Empat, Perteguhan Village and Tiga Kicat Village of Naman Teran. These villages are perched around 7-8 km away from the eruption center, which made them the ideal viewing points.

Another great spots to view Mount Sinabung’s grandeur would be the Gundaling Hills. From this marvelous site of undulating greeneries, you can ride a horse to explore around. Perched on 1,575 meters above sea level, this wonderful place with expansive gardens is only 3 km away from Berastagi city center.

The fertile volcanic soil and the cool temperature of the city make it ideal to grow fruit, vegetables and flowers. The flower and fruit market of Berastagi is a colorful heaven of fresh pick products. You will find exotic fruits and fragrant flowers in dozens of stalls. Once a year festival of fruits and flower is held to celebrate harvest season.


Get There

To get to Mount Sinabung from Medan, you need to head towards Berastagi, a lovely subdistrict famous for passion fruits. It is best to rent a private car, minibus or taxi to get there since the public bus may not be as comfortable. You can also ask the help of travel agencies for the best option to get there. As for public bus, you can head to Jalan Ginting Padang Bulan Medan and hop on the bus named “Sumatera Transport” or “Sinabung” to get you to Berastagi. It is around 66 km trip in about 2 hours drive. From Berastagi, you can drive to one of the starting point to hike Mount Sinabung in Sigarang-garang Village, Lau Kawar-Mardinding.

Get Around

Motorcycle, taxi and minibus are a few vehicles you can rent in the area to get around and see more around Berastagi area. Beside the epic Sinabung panorama, and the lush green forest unfolding along your paths, you can also enjoy the scenic waters of Lake Lau Kawar right on the foot of the mountain. After an exhilarating hike to Mount Sinabung, this is the perfect place to unwind. Fenced by green hills and cool breezes, you can relax and paddle rented boat to leisure around the lake. There is also a camping ground nearby to stargaze at night.


Where To Stay

Nachelle Homestay is one of the perfect spot for you to stay, with a roof top that serves brilliant view of Mount Sinabung and Mount Sibayak. Mery, Abdy and their small family are an incredible host. They will gladly take you to enjoy the true lifestyle of everyday locals. Abundant knowledge and helpful gestures are what made this place so special. Completed with a clean nice room with hot shower and WiFi connection, you can enjoy a relaxing moment after a long day of exploring Berastagi.

Nachelle Homestay
Simpang Ujung Aji, Komplek BBC No 1, Berastagi, North Sumatra, 22156 Indonesia


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