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Pahawang Island, A Paradise for Snorkelers


If you love underwater treasures, traveling to Pahawang Island would be the right move for you. This island is often said to be a paradise for snorkelers because of the beauty of its underwater biota. Located in the South Lampung district of Lampung province on the great island of Sumatra, Pahawang Island is divided into two areas, Pahawang Besar (Big Pahawang) and Pahawang Kecil (Small Pahawang).

Pahawang Island, A Paradise for Snorkelers
Image by Tripvisto

One of the most popular activities to do on this island is snorkeling. All snorkelers would be fascinated by the colorful corals and sea life beneath the crystal clear waters of the island. There is also one snorkeling spot that is also the breeding site for clownfish, popularized by the cartoon Finding Nemo. There is also a spot where you can find corals that were transplanted by the locals.

Pahawang Island, A Paradise for Snorkelers
Image by Tripvisto

Aside from the two Pahawang Islands, there are many other islands surrounding the area. Most activities are located in Pahawang Besar while Pahawang Kecil is comprised of small cottages and an alluring beach. Some say that Pahawang Kecil is rented by a French couple, who provide visitors with cute little cottages to stay in. There are many agents offering one-day trips to Pahawang Island for Rp150,000-250,000. If you plan to spend the night, the trip would cost around Rp450,000.


Get Around

In Pahawang Besar, you could travel around the island on foot or by a motorcycle. According to the locals, it takes around 30 minutes by motorcycle to travel around the island. Meanwhile in Pahawang Kecil, your feet are the best transportation mode to explore around the island.


Get There

From Jakarta, you can get to Pahawang Island via Merak Harbor. From there, you can take a ferry to Bakauheni Harbor in Lampung Province. You can travel to the port leading to Pahawang Island using a rented car or public transportation.

Another way to get to Pahawang Island from Jakarta is by taking a flight to Lampung city. Then, you can follow the instructions below for those traveling from Bandar Lampung.

From Bandar Lampung, you can head to the beach in Klara sub-district located in Pesawaran district. This beach is the site where travelers intending to go to Pahawang Island should go. The journey from the beach to Pahawang Island takes around 90 minutes using a regular ferry.


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