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Explore the Pristine Aquamarine of Weda Bay in Halmahera


The little known underwater sea gardens of Weda Bay in Halmahera, in the province of North Maluku, recently emerged into world’s media limelight when the rare Walking Shark (Hemisayllium halmahera) was discovered in this remote area. Located in Central Halmahera in the subdistrict of Weda Tengah, Weda Bay offers divers amazing sights in these pristine aquamarine waters. Here are abundant fish life, from pygmy seahorses, tuna fish, dolphins, to napoleon wrasse and sharks, and numerous other species of underwater life.

By the steep walls, black sand sites with critters to the majestic shallow coral gardens and a historical Japanese WW II shipwreck. The currents is calm and you can make incredible beautiful shallow dives. Perfect place for beginners and very experienced “seen it all” divers. And it is hard to find a better place for snorkeling in the world. Many of the reef are situated 10 kilometers from the shore. The top of the reefs are in excellent condition and very rich in fish-life.

Wedged between the Lembah Strait near Bunaken in North Sulawesi and Raja Ampat in West Papua, Weda Bay offers the best of both worlds, from shallow reef tops to steep drop offs, abundant with strange and colorful species of underwater life-to amaze both beginners and professionals. Next to the wonders in the sea, lovers of wildlife can also enjoy Weda’s pristine rainforests, habitat of the blue Wallace’s Standardwing Bird of Paradise, hornbills, eagles, cockatoos, parrots, fruit doves, nicobar pigeons as well as the cuscus.


Get There

The nearest airport to the Weda Resort is the airport of Ternate. There are daily flights to Ternate from Manado, Makassar and Jakarta. From Ternate it takes some 4 hours journey to the Resort using speedboat, then a drive through the forest pass picturesque villages and panoramic views before you arrive at the Resort on the Beach of Weda. International airlines fly to Jakarta, Manado and Makassar, where you connect on domestic flights to Ternate.


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