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10 Breathtakingly Beautiful SPLENDORS of BANYUWANGI


Located at the east-most edge of the island of Java, just across the island of Bali, the regency of Banyuwangi is where the dawn first rises over Java each the morning, throwing its welcoming rays across this entire lush green but densely populated island.

Banyuwangi is fast surging as an important tourist destination as it unveils its many secret gems, from looming mountains, to natural game reserves to rolling surge of waves that are the dream of surfers all over the globe. Here also live the Osing ethnic sub-group, believed to speak the oldest Javanese language from which evolved Java’s most sophisticated civilization over the centuries.

While to ease tourists to spend time at this unique destination, Banyuwangi’s airport has been enlarged and modernized and will soon become a hub for low cost carriers. Upmarket hotels and homestays are also sprouting in the city and around the regency.

Here are the 10 most breathtakingly beautiful spots in Banyuwangi that are simply must visit attractions:

1 | The Blue Flames of Ijen Crater

10 Breathtakingly Beautiful SPLENDORS of BANYUWANGI

Image Source: http://catatantravellerrizt88.blogspot.com

Surrounded by a landscape of lush coffee plantations and dramatic volcanic surrounds, Ijen Plateau is a quiet but active volcano offering stunning natural beauty that continues to draw more and more visitors from around the world. It is the spectacular turquoise sulfur lake that continuously sends off sparks from the Ijen crater that is its main attraction.

The magnificent lake is located 2,148 meters above sea level and is surrounded by the volcano’s sheer crater walls. At the edge of the lake, smoke billows from the vents of the volcano and the water begins to bubble each time volcanic activity increases.

What makes Ijen Crater special and different from the others is the flickering blue flames that make it look as if the mountain pours down stunningly blue lava.  This amazing spectacle is the result of the combustion of sulfuric gas that comes in contact with air, creating bursts of blue flames.


2 | The thrilling G-Land Beach

10 Breathtakingly Beautiful SPLENDORS of BANYUWANGI

Image Source:  http://grajagan.com

G-Land is a name given to what locals previously knew as Plengkung Beach, and what is recognized today as one of the best-surfing sites on the face of the earth. Revered by surfers across the globe, the beach is even dubbed “The Seven Giant Waves Wonder” by worldwide surfing enthusiasts for its legendary 7 rolls of waves that can reach up to 6 meters high.

What makes G-Land's waves unique is that they break after 1 to 2 Kms, rolling from east to west with heights reaching 4 to 6 meters in about 5 minutes intervals. This is hugely favored among surfers since they can then enjoy thrilling long barrels. It is no wonder, therefore,  that the beach has hosted numerous international surfing championships.


3 | Lider Waterfall

10 Breathtakingly Beautiful SPLENDORS of BANYUWANGI

Image Source: http://www.reresepan.com

Conserved by Indonesia’s Ministry of Forestry and Environment, the Lider Waterfall is definitely a spectacular sight of nature at its best.

The 60-meter waterfall is situated about 30 km away from the heart of Banyuwangi city and can be easily reached by public or private transportation. Surrounded by beautiful green foliage, the waterfall is 60 meters tall and is situated about 1,300 meters above sea level. Next, to the main waterfall, there are also 4 other smaller waterfalls


4 | Popular Pulau Merah Beach

10 Breathtakingly Beautiful SPLENDORS of BANYUWANGI

Image Source:  http://blueturtlebeachhouse.com

10 Breathtakingly Beautiful SPLENDORS of BANYUWANGI

Image Source:  http://www.wisatatempatku.com

Beside the already famous G-Land, Banyuwangi also has another beautiful beach with indulging surfer’s waves: Pulau Merah Beach (or the red island beach in English) which got its name from the picturesque little hilly island called Pulau Merah just about 100 meters from the beach.

Unlike at G-land where are found sharp coral rocks by the beach, the beach at Pulau Merah – or the Red Island Beach – is open sand so that it is also safe for beginner surfers. The beach has also become a favorite haunt for family holidays. Paragliding enthusiasts use the island’s hills to take off and glide down gracefully onto the beach.


5 | Kemiren Traditional Village of the Indigenous Osing Tribe

10 Breathtakingly Beautiful SPLENDORS of BANYUWANGI

Image Source: https://padmagz.com

The traditional village of Kemiren is where you can marvel at the well preserved elaborate culture, traditions and way of life of the Osing ethnic group. The Osing’s ancestors are those who fled from Majapahit at the Empire’s fall. They resided here in Banyuwangi and promptly established the Blambangan Kingdom.

They declined to move back to Majapahit, and therefore, named as the "Osing" people, which in their language means "no”. As descendants of a multicultural past, the Osing developed interestingly different customs and language from its neighboring Javanese, Maduranese and Balinese people.

They use different tones to convey respect to elders, shifting to a more casual tone when chatting with their peers. The Osing also have their own special batik patterns, remarkable dances, inspiring music and many unique rituals.


6 | The Sri Tanjung Park

10 Breathtakingly Beautiful SPLENDORS of BANYUWANGI

Image Source:  http://www.banyuwangibagus.com

Sri Tanjung Park is a public park located right at the heart of Banyuwangi.

The park has its name from the woman who is the central figure in the legend of Banyuwangi’s creation. Sri Tanjung was a lady who was stabbed by her husband Raden Sidapaksa with a Kris, at having been slandered by the evil King Sulakrama. Swearing her innocence as god is her witness, she died with sweet, fragrant blood flowing to the ground.

From that time on, the land became known as Banyuwangi or “Fragrant Water”.
Aside from a monument to the legend, today the park is the favorite hangout for youngsters and families. The beautifully designed park radiates a refreshing ambiance and is located next to the Baiturahman Grand Mosque and the Sabha Sawgata Blambangan.


7 | Teluk Hijau

10 Breathtakingly Beautiful SPLENDORS of BANYUWANGI

Image Source: Shutterstock

Teluk Hijau or “Green Bay” in English is a picturesque pristine beach located within the protected national park of Meru Betiri. The stunning beach is known for its lovely gradient of clear water and the peaceful setting of its surroundings.

Teluk Hijau is a great place to spend the day relaxing on the beach and capturing fantastic pictures of the plentiful scenic spots. Although it is around 90Km or about 3-4 hours’ drive from the city of Banyuwangi, the long trip will definitely more than just pays off once you see its fascinating beauty.


8 | Kaliklatak Plantation

10 Breathtakingly Beautiful SPLENDORS of BANYUWANGI

Image Source: https://blog.traveloka.com

Kaliklatak was first established during the Dutch colonial era, but it continues to be well operated to this very day. A perfect place to observe an array of what Java’s fertile soil can offer, Kaliklatak produces coffee, rubber, chocolate, fruits and diverse spices.

Most importantly, the plantation has proven that the pursuit of profit does not need to ruin paradise. At Kaliklatak, commerce coexists with immense natural beauty. Scores of orchid species mingle with American cacti, palms from Saudi Arabia, and darting parrots and monkeys.

Statues and religious shrines add a mystical spell. There are also cottages for those who wish to stay and fully immerse themselves in the exceptional atmosphere of the plantation.


9 | Rajegwesi Beach

10 Breathtakingly Beautiful SPLENDORS of BANYUWANGI

Image Source: http://ulinulin.com

Rajegwesi beach is located at Sarongan Village, at the Pesanggaran sub-district. More than just an enchanting natural splendor, there is also an old bunker, remnants from Japanese occupation during World War II.

What makes the beach special is its unique chocolate-colored sand created by muddy sediment brought by river floods. Here you can also observe activities of the local fishermen as they set out to the sea and return to shore.


10 | Watu Dodol Beach

10 Breathtakingly Beautiful SPLENDORS of BANYUWANGI

Image Source: http://www.priobodro.my.id

The location of this beach is marked by a huge bulky granite rock that sits between the street and the Gandrung Statue.

The beach is only 2 kilometers from Ketapang Harbor, allowing you to see ferries sailing between Bali and Banyuwangi. You can also opt to go sightseeing from a hill located close to the beach.

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