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These 5 Tips will Level up Your Productivity when Working from Home


During these hard times, it is indeed the right thing to do to keep things straight by running your daily errands while also doing work from home. Juggling those things will not be easy, especially if you also have kids to take care of. Don’t worry, there are many simple things that can be done to make everything not only balanced, but also creative, fun, and wholesome for you and your family.

1 | Have One-on-One Time to Spend with Your Children

Have you been listening to what your children said? Do you know what they love to do? Congratulations, now you can slowly make their dreams come true! Be a fun parent and participate in their favorite activities. You can also help them to make a list of ideas or even a checklist for a small project to accomplish.

These 5 Tips will Level up Your Productivity when Working from Home

Do they love craftings? Inspire them to decorate their own room with their own handcrafts. Do they love playing music? Encourage them to make a song and then record the performance and share it on a YouTube Channel. Do they love to do small, meaningful, and wholesome things? Create a physical album or frames with the moments of your most memorable holiday together as a family. Make the atmosphere lively and establish a meaningful bond with your lovely children.

2 | Keep Calm and Find Time to Indulge Yourself

These 5 Tips will Level up Your Productivity when Working from Home

Most people find this work from home moment quite stressful because they put a lot of pressure on themselves to always be productive. The key to avoiding this is by understanding that it is okay to let yourself breathe for a while more than you used to do in office. Just because you have all the time in the world doesn’t mean you have to make the most out of it without considering your mental health first. Find time for you to take a breath, relax, and manage your stress by doing something that comforts you. Buy some aromatherapy candles or essential oils, put on some soothing music, prepare your comforting drink, and lay down on your bed. If you want to do a calming activity, try to make your own aromatherapy candle or soap. You can learn it on YouTube and it’s so easy to do.

3 | Set A Family Daily Routine or Schedule

These 5 Tips will Level up Your Productivity when Working from Home

Your days would be better and more manageable if you plan everything ahead, including your daily routines. Sit down with your loved ones and discuss how you will do errands, hobbies, and activities every day. If you have managed to work on a family art project mentioned in point number one, create the additional schedule and adjust it with your daily errand schedule. Don’t forget to include fun activities and morning exercise as well. Get productive and stay healthy both mentally and physically as well.

4 | Boost Positivity

These 5 Tips will Level up Your Productivity when Working from Home

It is important to remember that during these hard times, we must maintain not only our physical wellbeing but also mental health as well. Having a sense of danger in these times of crisis is necessary in order to protect ourselves and our family from harm, but we also must anticipate ourselves to not be exposed to too many negative thoughts. Therefore, share positivity with your loved ones. Spare some time to watch feel-good films together. Play happy music and dance with them. Moreover, tell them how much you loved them every day. Self-quarantine life will be filled with so many colors after then.

5 | Communicate Better

These 5 Tips will Level up Your Productivity when Working from Home

Children are blessed with curiosity and eagerness. Therefore, there are times when they started asking “why can’t we go outside” or simply pleading “I want to go on a holiday” to you. When it happens, you should answer them in a friendly, truthful, and clear way. Seek some helpful video to help them understand, like this one for instance. If they really want to go outside sightseeing, you can give them a glimpse of adventure experience in Indonesia through these 5 virtual journeys from Indonesia.Travel.


We might not know when these times will finally be over. However, we have to remember that we can contribute to fighting the outbreak together by doing physical distancing and self-quarantine at home. So while we’re at it, let’s have fun and take care of ourselves and our family with these helpful tips.