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The Everlasting Spirit of Westin Jakarta’s Tourism Fighters


On the topic of tourism, maybe some of you are curious about how this badly affected sector is doing lately. Impressively, there’s a lot of tourism sector workforces who have survived these difficult times, including those who work in the hotel business. Despite facing limited mobility, apparently, these workers have succeeded in innovating so that they can continue to survive through the pandemic.

To commemorate World Tourism Day, we invited one of the tourism workforces in the hotel business. Introducing Beby Benazir (27 years old), the Director of Marketing Communications of The Westin Hotel in Jakarta. Prior to taking up her current position, Beby had dabbled in the tourism field since 2014 by working at a few resorts in Bali and Malaysia. Now, she has served for a year at The Westin Hotel Jakarta.

How do Beby and her colleagues keep their spirits as they dedicate their time to the tourism industry? Let’s hear the stories below!


Why are you interested in working within the tourism sector?

“As an Indonesian, it is a pride for me to promote my country. One of the ways is through Indonesia’s resources, namely its culture and tourism assets which no other country has. So, to be at this point is a part of that bigger goal, as well as my pride and encouragement to work hard every single day.”  


What are your ups and downs while working in the tourism sector?

“There are so many ups and downs of course. For the ups, it is because the job in this industry is oriented more towards service. Each day, my colleagues and I faced different challenges, how to deal with differing guests and providing the best services. As for the downs, it is felt when the pandemic happens. There are so many drastic changes that happened in the industry, which later would be a huge and valuable lesson for us.”  


How are you doing your job during this pandemic?

“People’s relationship with each other is the number one for me. The connection between people gives really strong energy, and that’s what matters the most in the world of hospitality. We do our best to keep providing the best service in the middle of this difficult circumstance. In the end, it is the said connection that provides a reward, which is represented by the satisfaction and the happiness of the staying guests. This is the reason why my colleagues and I can survive through this pandemic.”

What’s the reason you can keep working in the tourism sector while facing this difficult situation?

“Because I look at this broadly and in the long term, so I cannot give up, I should strengthen my foundation instead. So when things do get better, our foundation can still be strong. To make that happen is to re-innovate, for example, like promoting a staycation business and unique domestic recreations, or offering innovative culinary that complies with the existing health and safety protocols. The main thing is to never stop innovating.”  


What’s your message for other tourism and creative economy workers who are still fighting through this pandemic?

“For other tourism and creative economy workers out there, keep thinking positive and keep your spirit going, okay! Always keep working on and trying some new things, because when we stop, we will lose many opportunities which will end in a loss and regret. So, keep innovating and learn from anything you’ve faced.”  


What’s your hope for tourism in Indonesia?

“My number one hope is certainly for Indonesia’s tourism to be recognized  more widely on the international stage. Because sadly, there’s still a lot of foreigners who only know about Bali, but don’t know about Indonesia. Even though there are so many destinations in Indonesia, from Sabang to Merauke, stretching across the nation. Then, for my second hope, I wish all of us as a society can work together more in an effort to unite the country. And the last hope is definitely for Indonesia to be more famous in the world for all of its awesome attractions. Makes me proud and amazed!”

Just like what Beby has said, the tourism workforce’s fight during this pandemic wasn’t easy. However, their commitment towards keeping the business alive can hopefully push Indonesia’s tourism to be better recognized worldwide. For those of you who want to check out The Westin Jakarta, you can have a glimpse of the hotel's extraordinary services on their website!


Image source of header by Website The Westin Jakarta