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Planning to Visit Bintan? Don’t Forget To Buy These 6 Local Souvenirs and Snacks!

There’s nothing else better than spending a holiday in a tropical haven and enjoying some extraordinary leisure activities. With its breathtaking natural panorama and lavish resorts, Bintan in Riau Islands surely is the perfect place to experience all of these things. As the island has begun to implement a travel bubble system, now you are able to spend a good time here without worry. Looking for other things to do in Bintan? Try going on a shopping spree! The local souvenirs of Bintan are something worthy to bring back home. If you need some proof, just take a look at these items below!


1. Woodcrafts


Riau Islands are known as the home to the art of traditional woodcrafts. There are many kinds of woods grown around the Riau Islands including balau, shorea, and kamper. Here, you can find several souvenir shops that sell a wide variety of wood crafts which include frames, key holders, bowls, miniatures of Phinisi schooners, as well as these unique masks.


2. Roti Kirai


One of the iconic delicacies of Bintan, this net-shaped bread is the staple of Malay cuisine. Roti Kirai can often be seen served alongside chicken curry. Its soft and chewy texture perfectly complements the warm and spicy flavor of the curry. This delightful dish can also be turned into a dessert by adding pandan leaves into the recipe and then serving it alongside a sweet sauce to dip into. Those who want to savor the fantastic flavor of Malay cuisine should try some Roti Kirai in the local restaurants of Bintan.


3. Tepung Gomak


Shaped like flat round pebbles, Tepung Gomak is a famous snack of Bintan. Made with glutinous rice flour and filled with melted brown sugar, granulated sugar, along with coconut flakes, this sweet and chewy snack can be found in many souvenir shops around the island. The lovely texture and taste of Tepung Gomak will be even more special if you enjoy it alongside a warm cup of tea. Tepung Gomak can also last a pretty long time, so it’s perfect for family and friends back home!


4. Kerang Bulu


Do you love seafood? If you do, then you will definitely enjoy this dish! Surrounded by beaches with healthy reefs, it’s no surprise that Bintan offers mouthwatering seafood. There are many kinds of seashells served here, including mussels, clams, scallops, and oysters. One seashell that you should try here is a type of scallops known as Kerang Bulu. Along the shoreline of Bintan, you can find some stalls that sell fresh kerang bulu to take home. This type of scallop is best served with stir fry!


5. Hawaii Coffee


A warm cup of [U1] coffee is certainly a nice thing to have before starting your day. It will be even better if you brew a Hawai Coffee from Bintan for this morning ritual. Even though the name indicates something related to Hawaii, it actually has nothing to do with the island. The name has been known by the locals since way back. The rich taste and pleasant aroma of this coffee can definitely make you want to sip it forever. Either in a cup or a pack, you can take this coffee home.


6. Kerupuk Gonggong


Searching for a scrumptious snack to accompany your trip around the island or back home? Check out these popular snacks that are highly sought after by many tourists! Known locally as Kerupuk Gonggong, this crcaker isn’t made from prawns like the usual ones you found around Indonesia. Instead, it ismade from snails. Don’t let the ingredients fool you, this unique snack has an amazing taste and crunchy texture that makes it truly special!


7. Batik Gonggong


In Bintan, you can also find Batik which is as beautiful as other types of Batik found across Indonesia. Different from other Batik, Batik Gonggong often incorporates coastal life into the pattern of the textile. The most popular Batik Gonggong usually features a pattern of gonggong snails. You can wear this unique Batik as a fashion accessory or use it as a home decoration. Batik Gonggong is an item that you shouldn’t miss when hunting for souvenirs around here.


As now you know what to buy in Bintan, which souvenir will you hunt first when you’ve arrived on this phenomenal island? Whatever you’re going to hunt first, always remember to obey the CHSE (cleanliness, health, safety, and environmental sustainability) protocols in Bintan. Wear your mask in public, always keep your distance, and wash your hands regularly. Do also follow our Instagram @wonderfulindonesia, Twitter @wondefulid,  Facebook @WonderfulIndonesia, as well as our Youtube Wonderful Indonesia to get more inspiring trip ideas.