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6 Inspiring Ideas for a Unique Family Vacation in Indonesia


Are you looking for some ideas for your next family vacation? With the year-end holidays approaching, families are anticipating a fun family getaway. However, with the pandemic still going on, families are brainstorming to plan out their next escapade once borders reopen. 

So if you’re looking to fill up your family vacation itinerary with some exciting activities and places, here are 6 inspiring ideas:

1 | Staycation

family vacation

One family vacation idea is to have a staycation getaway, a safe and fun way to create a memorable experience amid the pandemic. The term “staycation” basically means a stay vacation where you stay at one destination and explore the environment around you. This can mean booking a few nights at a hotel for you and your family or exploring a nearby batik museum. A popular staycation destination in Indonesia is Jakarta, which offers both metropolitan charm and natural beauty, and is not far from other getaway destinations like Bogor or Bandung. Staycation can surely create lots of  fun for you and your family.

2 | Glamping

family vacation

Want to take camping to another level? Go glamping on your next family getaway! Blessed with immense natural beauty, Indonesia offers plenty of glamping destinations to choose from. If you’re looking to splurge on your next family vacation, then go on a glamping trip to the paradise of Bintan or the exotic island of Bali. Both destinations showcase stunning beaches with crystal-clear water and golden sand. Bogor and Bandung, too, present beautiful glamping locations surrounded by lush greenery and mountain landscape. 

3 | Trekking

family vacation

Does your family prefer the outdoors? If yes, then one family vacation idea you should consider is trekking along Indonesia’s beautiful landscapes. Home to untouched nature and rare animal species, Indonesia lets you experience trekking like never before. You can catch a glimpse of the wild Javan Rhino at Ujung Kulon National Park or appreciate the marine life at Seribu Archipelago National Park. Another place you can go trekking is the West Bali National Park, where you and your family can witness the vibrant flora and fauna of Bali, including the exotic Balinese Starlings if you're lucky. Regardless of the location you choose, Indonesia’s national parks are perfect for ultimate trekking adventures.

4 | Earthing

family vacation

With travel restrictions around the world, people are spending more time at home and becoming too attached to their phones. Go on a digital detox and become one with nature as you experience earthing, which is direct, uninterrupted contact with the earth. It’s a great family vacation idea to immerse in the healing powers of Yogyakarta’s Imogiri Forest or Wana Tirta Mangrove Forests. Walk through the dense trees of the forest and absorb its serenity. Take a break from the hectic city life and reconnect with nature as a family.

5 | Theme Parks

family vacation

Indonesia’s enthralling theme parks are a great option for your next family vacation. Though the country has plenty of fun-filled theme parks for both adults and children, one popular place is the Jawa Timur Park. It has three different areas with a plethora of themes for your family to enjoy. East Java features numerous recreational spots, especially in Malang. With attractions like Batu Secret Zoo and Museum Angkut, the city offers best spots for an unforgettable family vacation!

6 | Zoo

family vacation

A visit to a zoo can get anyone excited, regardless of their age. Indonesia’s thrilling safaris are next on the list of family vacation ideas. Watch the wild animals interact as you drive through Taman Safari Cisarua. You and your family can observe more than 300 different animals in this area or even enjoy a picnic near the spectacular waterfalls. Another main attraction is the Elephant Back Safari. You can head over to Bali Safari & Marine Park to enjoy more wildlife adventures.


From natural scenery and diverse wildlife to amazing theme parks, Indonesia has something special for everyone in the family. These 6 family vacation ideas will make your memories last for a lifetime. Indonesia will be awaiting your arrival when the travel ban is lifted.