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6 Best Sunset Spots You Can Enjoy in Labuan Bajo


“Sunsets are so beautiful that they almost seem as if we were looking through the gates of Heaven.” ― John Lubbock

Sunsets, sunsets, and more sunsets! If that’s what your dream vacation destination is made up of, then here’s all you’ve got to do. Take a direct flight from Jakarta or Bali to Labuan Bajo’s Komodo Airport or opt for a boat ride from Lombok and reach Labuan Bajo, Indonesia. Dubbed as the city of sunsets, Labuan Bajo offers a multitude of stunning spots to watch the sun say goodbye to the day. We’ve picked 6 of the best sunset-viewing spots for you to add to your Labuan Bajo itinerary.

1. The Scenic Sylvia Hill

Catching a great sunset view is one of the most unforgettable things to do in Labuan Bajo and Sylvia Hill is one of the perfect spots to witness the glorious sun dip back into the horizon.

labuan bajo

Image by juventiatjoa

Fall in love with the magnificent sunset as you admire the unobstructed panoramic view of the beach from atop the hill and capture some beautiful moments for Instagram.

2. The Exotic Waecicu Beach

There’s hardly anything more beautiful than watching the blaze of colors expand over the vast horizon as the sun goes down on the beach.

labuan bajo

Image by sassychris1

Relax on the light-bathed sand of the picturesque Waecicu Beach as you sip on a tropical drink and watch the golden sun kiss the turquoise sea. 

3. The Elegant Jembatan Putih

Stroll down the Insta-famous Jembatan Putih, an exquisitely-designed white wooden pier that stretches out into the sea. Relax on one of the chairs lined by the pier’s edge, gaze at the color-soaked sky, and be awed by the dramatic sunset view.

labuan bajo

Image by meniksuyani

As the evening light fades, the globular lamps along with the pier light up adding a magical touch to the dreamy atmosphere.

4. The Fabulous Paradise Bar

As the name suggests, the Paradise Bar is your own little slice of twilight paradise perched on top of a cliff. Overlooking the harbor, the bar showcases a wide deck that offers a heavenly combination of sea and sunset views.

Enjoy a cool drink, an appetizing menu, great live music, and uninterrupted views of the boats cruising across the calm seawater while the sun paints the sky in amazing hues of pink, orange, and red.

5. Bukit Cinta

labuan bajo

Want to view a stunning sunset with a scenic backdrop of the hilly terrain? Try hiking up Bukit Cinta! You'll glimpse the lush greenery all around, absorbing the fresh atmosphere and Mother Nature of Labuan Bajo. Unwind during the golden hour, and find how easily you'll fall in love with its sceneries! When you're done strolling around the area, be sure to visit Wae Rana Beach, just 1.3 km away. The panorama there is just as amazing! Don't forget to take plenty of photos, too.

You can reach this site with a 15-minute drive for the Labuan Bajo's ferry harbor. 

6. The Beachfront La Prima Hotel

Facing the beautiful Pede Beach and surrounded by amazing scenic hills of Komodo National Park, the La Prima Hotel offers the perfect setting for sundowners to seize a stunning sunset view. Make your way over to the hotel’s wooden pier and experience the visual treat of the sun fading against the backdrop of a fiery sky.

labuan bajo

While the scenic landscape of Labuan Bajo is teeming with great spots to watch sumptuous sunsets, you can also catch inspiring moments of a magical sunrise at various spots as you go island-hopping around Labuan Bajo. So sun lovers, plan a trip to Labuan Bajo and let the enchanting colors of dawn and dusk light up your heart with peace, gratitude, and hope. Shine on! (HR)