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5 Ideas on How to Enjoy Your Holiday during Ramadan in Indonesia!

Have you ever thought about going on a holiday when the whole country is in a festive mood? Try visiting Indonesia during the holy month of Ramadan! As every Muslim celebrates Ramadan in Indonesia, the country will feel more joyful than usual. Traveling during Ramadan in Indonesia surely is something that you will never forget for a long time. If you’re interested in enjoying a holiday during Ramadan in Indonesia to the fullest, then check out these 5 trip ideas during Ramadan in Indonesia that we have brought you! Let’s check them all out below!


1.  Selecting your hotel location 


Choosing a hotel location matters a lot when you want to experience the festive atmosphere of Ramadan in Indonesia to its fullest. In a certain corner of the city, there will be a streetside market where you can find a lot of food stalls offering a great selection of mouthwatering snacks and takjil (desserts regularly made during Ramadan to break the fast). Several magnificent great mosques around the city are also available to be explored. During the afternoon, these mosques are often riddled with food stalls too! So be on the lookout for the best hotels in Indonesia that are strategically located near a well-known market or a grand Mosque. Do also note that during Ramadan, Muslims in Indonesia would often remind the time of Sahur early in the morning through loudspeakers.  If you're a light sleeper, then you might want to keep a distance from mosques.


2.  Dining out options for breakfast and lunch 


Throughout Ramadan, you should expect to see several restaurants and cafes that either close earlier than usual, are not opened at all, or are still open with their windows and/or doors covered partly.  These are mostly done as a way to show respect to Muslims who are fasting. If you don’t fast and are looking for breakfast or lunch, no worries! Various fast-food or franchise restaurants still have normal operating hours most of the time, so finding food isn’t as difficult as you may think. If you prefer to eat other than from chain restaurants, then another option you can have is by ordering the food you want with delivery apps. Try ordering some dishes from the best fine dining restaurants in your area!


3.  Exploring the afternoon food market 


One of the activities you have to try to truly feel the festive atmosphere of Ramadan in Indonesia is hunting for takjil (desserts regularly made during Ramadan to break the fast). As the sun begins to set and iftar time is about to come, the food stalls will start to appear around many well-known markets or grand Mosques around the city. Several must-try street foods such as cendol, cincau, kolak pisang, ketan hitam, and candil are often sold at these stalls. If you’re lucky, you may also find some scrumptious regional Ramadan snacks and takjil depending on the city where you are staying!


4.  Visiting iconic mosques 


Experiencing the festivity of Ramadan wouldn’t be complete without taking a visit to some of the most iconic mosques in Indonesia. Across the archipelago, you can find a wide array of eye-catching mosques standing gracefully in the city. While these mosques are built to accommodate Muslims for praying, you are still allowed to explore the ins and outs of the mosque to appreciate its beauty, but keep in mind to always be respectful. If you’re in Jakarta, take a trip to the legendary Istiqlal Grand Mosque. In East Java, you can find Tuban and Kediri Grand Mosque. Are you on a holiday in Padang? Do stop by the majestic West Sumatra Grand Mosque!


5.  Collecting local souvenirs 


As you have savored the delightful taste of Indonesian snacks and takjil, along with visiting the grand mosque of the city where you’re staying in, now it’s time to look for traditional souvenirs to buy! Numerous places that sell high-quality local souvenirs can be found throughout the city. Give yourself a chance to stop by famous souvenir spots such as Jalan Surabaya or Pasar Seni Ancol if you’re spending a holiday in Jakarta. if you’re looking for some Muslim wear, Pasar Baru Trade Center in Bandung is known for its great selection of hijabs and Muslim dresses. On a hunt for some artisanal souvenirs? check out several well-known handicraft shops in Yogyakarta!

If you want to further delve into the festive Ramadan vibes of Indonesia, you can also ask to join the locals to spend iftar at their home! Experience the fun when families gather together as the iftar is about to come.


Are you ready to join the euphoria of Ramadan in Indonesia? Take some time to check out the detailed guide on how to enjoy Ramadan in Jakarta as well as the Ramadan traditions of Muslims in Bali! Keep in mind to obey the CHSE (cleanliness, health, safety, and environmental sustainability) protocols. Wear your mask, keep your distance from others, and wash your hands frequently. Remember to also follow our Instagram @wonderfulindonesia, Twitter @wondefulid,  Facebook @WonderfulIndonesia, TikTok @wonderfulid as well as our Youtube Wonderful Indonesia to find out more amazing Ramadan inspiration!