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Inspirational Story: Ancol Dreamland’s Attempt to Innovate and Provide Entertainment During Pandemic


What crossed your mind when you heard Ancol Dreamland’s name? For sure, it is a tourism destination where you can have as much fun as you please with your family and friends whilst having rides! Don’t you agree? Now, in this pandemic, Ancol Dreamland, whichwas once a very crowded entertainment place has gradually deserted. Even so, all staff and workers there keep working vigorously and optimistically so that they would survive this tough condition.

In celebration of World Tourism Day, Pesona Indonesia presents some inspirational figures in tourism sector namely Reynon Vigor Adi Sukma (39 years old), Vice President of Dunia Fantasi and Ticha Histiningrum Desanti (34 years old), Vice President of Brand Promotion and Activation of PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancol Tbk, who have been intensively managing numerous activation efforts and presenting a virtual entertainment for Ancol customers. Prior to acting as a Vice President, Reynon, who has been working at Ancol Dreamland since 2006, had worked in an event holder and planner division. Meanwhile, Ticha, whose first career began in 2011, has immediately stepped on the marketing division or marketing staff.

Having a remarkable loyalty for their profession, Reynon and Tichas have a lot to say, let’s sneak into their story!

Why did you choose to work in the tourism sector?

Ticha (Ticha Histiningrum Desanti): “Joining the tourism sector (Ancol) has been my childhood dream, there were lots of happy memories in tourist attractions. Later on, my career in the marketing division as a Brand Activation and Promotion is also in line with my education background from communication studies, therefore, my duty is to do tourism branding to the customers by balancing comfortable operations and making the visitors happy so that create a happy experience.”

Reynon (Reynon Vigor Adi Sukma): “It’s a simple thing. I want to see people happy/laugh. At first, I saw Ancol Dreamland on TV, but it turned out that when I went to the park, something startled me. Ancol was an immense area and it entertained a lot of people. Afterwards, my first job at Ancol Dreamland was in the Marketing and Events Division. There, I managed international events and presented foreign celebrities. Through this job, my dream came true. Making people happy is a wonderful thing.

Is there any habit or small thing at the workplace that keeps you motivated?

Ticha (Ticha Histiningrum Desanti): “Perhaps, the fun and comfortable vibes, because I am working at an amusement park. Even when I run out of ideas, I have more motivation to create new ideas.”

Reynon (Reynon Vigor Adi Sukma):

My motivation is to serve people. I work in an amusement park, so it has always been fun, no office hours, working creatively, meeting many people, making new things. It’s an encouragement for myself.”

What are the strategies implemented to maintain and revive the business during the pandemic?

Ticha (Ticha Histiningrum Desanti): “I think, a mutual discussion of business processes and encouraging each other is a way of getting up in this pandemic. During the corona outbreak, we are trying to present entertainment that reaches houses without going outside, by presenting a collaboration product of DUFAN and local brands. One of them is a collaboration of DUFAN X Friday Killer through a special merchandise product to support Beli Kreatif Lokal (Buy Local Creative) and Bangga Buatan Indonesia (Proud of Made in Indonesian Products) movements, as well as spreading optimism spirit to partners, employees, and wider society.”

Reynon (Reynon Vigor Adi Sukma): “Carrying out innovation and collaboration, virtual events, and local pride. Dufan still exists amid the pandemic, maintaining the rides and cleaning up the Dufan area so that visitors would feel comfortable and safe once Dufan reopens.”

Dunia Fantasi Icon, Dufan, Ancol Dreamland

What plans will Ancol Dreamland take when it reopens?

Ticha (Ticha Histiningrum Desanti): “Surely, we will prepare as thoroughly as possible, particularly in terms of health protocol. All visitors, employees, and staff are required to be vaccinated, and must implement health protocol, such as wearing masks, checking temperature, social distancing in all areas, queuing, prayer rooms, performances, restaurants, hand sanitizer provision, and urges not to crowd.”

Reynon (Reynon Vigor Adi Sukma): “We are currently preparing a platform on how the customers and Ancol could support the government’s programs to prevent COVID-19 outbreak. The steps start from providing online ticket purchase on the Ancol Dreamland’s official website that has been integrated with PeduliLindungi application, ensuring the cleanliness of rides, making sure of the sterility, and providing the best services for our customers.”

A message to fellow tourism organizers who are also striving in this pandemic condition?

Ticha (Ticha Histiningrum Desanti): “Even though we miss our visitors so much, we must help the government to suppress the spread of Covid-19 cases by complying with health protocol, so that the cases will decrease, the economy rise, and tourism reoperate. Following the current Ancol Dreamland campaign, #SSBB, Senang Selamat Bareng-Bareng (Happy  and Safe Together), so we can be happy and safe altogether, while also complying with health protocol and government rules.”

Reynon (Reynon Vigor Adi Sukma): “As for myself, I have faith and believe that tourism can survive, especially since Dufan is recognized as a vital national object and it has some remarkable assets. We believe recreation would survive. Even Disneyland is still running and Universal Studio has opened a new branch. So, these theme parks and recreations would likely return next year, with some requirements of health protocol. To fellow tourism organizers out there, we must stay optimistic to revive, because we will return to become an inspiring tourist destination.”

Lastly, hope for tourism in Indonesia?

Ticha (Ticha Histiningrum Desanti): “I hope that the world’s health would get better, so we can welcome the visitors when restrictions rules are relaxed, surely with strict health protocol so that society could enjoy our entertainment like they used to.”

Reynon (Reynon Vigor Adi Sukma): “I hope that tourism can bounce back soon, so we can all #SSBB, Senang Selamat Bareng-Bareng (Happy, Safe Together).”

Based on the proposed campaign #SSBB (Happy, Safe Together), Ancol Dreamland proves that the best way to survive and revive during the pandemic is to present various innovations, adaptations, and collaborations. Certainly, it is accompanied by optimism and an endless spirit to give the best service. Wow, this makes us miss hanging out at Ancol even more! So, if you are still curious about the latest information on Ancol Dreamland, find out more here!