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Fitcation Ideas to Kickstart 2022 in 5 Most Favorite Destinations in Indonesia!

Looking for a New Year vacation idea might be the second most fun thing to do after executing the plan, especially if you’re challenging yourself to keep maintaining a healthy body, or as some people call it: fitcation. Don’t worry, we got it all covered. In Indonesia, there are so many tourist destinations that can accommodate your need to get fit while enjoying leisure activities. Here are some ideas on fitcation in 5 top destinations in Indonesia from us.


#1 Go on Exciting Sport Adventures in Bali


It’s time to involve some adrenaline and full-body activities in Bali! The richness of the natural attractions in the Island of the Gods allows you to do so many adventure sports from aqua yoga to parasailing, kitesurfing, to flyboarding. You can also try one of the most unique challenges in Bali: white water rafting in Ayung River. Rest assured, your holiday is going to get you an experience you’ll never forget.


#2 Stroll around the Icons of Jakarta


As the capital city of the country, Jakarta has a lot of iconic spots and historical landmarks. You can stroll in and around Museum Fatahillah or National Monument (Monas) to admire the architectural details, find the culinary hidden-gems around the area of Ancol, or even just cityscaping at Senayan and Gelora Bung Karno area at night. Balancing the joy of dining on street hawkers with doing some light cardio by moving your body would surely be a great fitcation idea, isn’t it?


#3 Hike, Swim, or Dive in Raja Ampat


Raja Ampat in West Papua truly delivers heaven on Earth. There is nothing quite like this one, so maximize your fitcation by diving and exploring the magnificent underwater realm beneath the stunning  archipelago. If you’re not a diver (or just not fancy diving) that’s not a problem at all. We got some recommendations on how to savor the beauty of the destination by hiking or swimming in these attractions. Don’t forget to stop by and explore Misool Island by strolling around and climbing to their vantage points for breathtaking views that you will never forget for the rest of your life.


#4 Trek the Wilderness in and around Komodo National Park


If you want to get an extraordinary strolling experience for your fitcation, set your feet into the Komodo National Park and roam the otherworldly scenery. You can start by doing some island hopping adventure since it has so many smaller islands aside from the larger islands like Padar,  Komodo, and Rinca. Furthermore, you can look around the area of Flores Island for a challenging trek into the wilderness. We can assure you, nothing is better than getting a fit body while getting some scenic surprises on this island. 


#5 Catch the Magical Sunrise in Borobudur


There are many ways to enjoy the beauty in and around Borobudur, and one of them is through sunrise catching. Besides, waking up in the morning and racing through time to see one of the most exhilarating views on this planet sounds like a fun workout, doesn’t it? Another thing you can try is riding a bicycle around the lush nature from Kaliurang (Yogyakarta) to Borobudur (Magelang) via Joyodiningrat/Salam Babadan. Be sure to check out many other fitcation ideas here and have a joyful holiday!


You can never actually run out of fitcation ideas in Indonesia because aside from those five recommendations from us, there are still an abundance of things you can try whether you’re looking for extreme sports, traditional sports, or even just sport tourism destinations. Find whatever floats your boat. We kindly need to remind you that if you have planned to visit Indonesia, make sure to be a responsible traveler and learn all the requirements for international travel to Indonesia. Last but not least, please be mindful to comply with health protocols and practice healthy habits like wearing a face mask, implementing social distancing, and washing hands frequently.