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13 Cozy Co-working Spaces to Chill in Around Jakarta


Nowadays, you can see a lot of people doing their work in the coffee shop, café, or restaurant in the office hours.

Because today, people need something different rather than office cubicles to surround their working ambient, especially for them who work in the creative industry and to have yourself working in different atmospheres can give you such a refreshment and better ideas to put into your work!

Therefore, many people and companies now choose to work in the co-working space.

1 | Cocowork

13 Cozy Co-working Spaces to Chill in Around Jakarta

Image by ayladimitri

This beautiful working space is designed to enhance productivity and embrace communities. In these workspaces, you will have access to relevant business, education & lifestyle products and services.

Situated in several spots in South Jakarta, Central Jakarta, and West Jakarta, Cocowork offers you a nurturing environment of people that support & collaborate with each other in a community. Whether you are looking for a space for yourself, your team of 5, or hundreds of your employees, Cocowork got you covered!


2 | Conclave

13 Cozy Co-working Spaces to Chill in Around Jakarta

Image by ulfa2825

This one is the place where independent creative entrepreneurs and professionals can gather, communicate, and support one another. With their industrial and clean designs, you can make your own events in this space, and join so many activities every day.

Sitting with supportive ambiance at Conclave will not be limited to the space to set your laptop on. You are encouraged to interact and share opportunities with other creative individuals. Located in 3 spots of South Jakarta, This co-working space offers you a stimulating working environment equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.

And they have various plans to accommodate your needs and schedules.


3 | Union Space

13 Cozy Co-working Spaces to Chill in Around Jakarta

Image by acceler8ph

Located in Metropolitan Tower and Satrio Tower in South Jakarta, Union Space provides flexible workspace for your business. Starting from co-working space for one person to serviced office for your company team.

They have a variety of workspaces, such as private offices, specialized workspaces, and flexible workspaces for teams of 1-50 people. The workspace itself is beautifully designed well laid out to provide the best comfort for you and the team.

The facilities they offer you included super-fast internet, unique and wide open area, printing and scanning, drinks that are available all day, ready mode staff, and private telephone booth.


4 | Kolega

13 Cozy Co-working Spaces to Chill in Around Jakarta

Image by ogywin

Kolega is a place for energetic, like-minded and enthusiastic people who are aiming to grow together. Located in Tebet, South Jakarta, this workspace creating an ecosystem that embodies friendship as the fuel of productivity and collaboration.

Build a well-connected professionals network with their members. Collaborate with SME, freelancer, startup, and community with various backgrounds to make an impactful connection. This is the right place to grow your business. Be flexible and make your day more efficient by working in this dynamic workspace.


5 | EV Hive

13 Cozy Co-working Spaces to Chill in Around Jakarta

Image by dianjuarsa

Fully supports Indonesia’s start up ecosystem. This co-working space provides private offices, meeting rooms and event spaces to support day-to-day business activities. Located in several spots in South, West and Central Jakarta, EV Hive became the fastest growing co-working space in Jakarta.

With facilities that can maximize a member’s productivity, this is the place where collaboration matters and networking starts. EV Hive is a hassle-free co-working space that offers you the flexibility you need. With futuristic workspace that boosts your productivity, inspiration is just a blink away.


6 | CAV

13 Cozy Co-working Spaces to Chill in Around Jakarta

Image by https://id.techinasia.com/

Located in Dipo Tower, Jakarta, CyberAgent Ventures, or CAV, is one of the biggest co-working spaces in Asia. Established in 2006, CAV builds an Internet business that changes the world.

They have incubation know-how based on their various successful and failed Internet business experiences, as well as a strong network in Asia hat, accelerates global business expansion.

They have been focusing on investment in and support for Internet business for more than seven years. Their extensive expertise and understandings of the Internet industry enable hem to provide start-ups with highly specialized incubation, which leads to rapid and steady business growth in the ever-changing Internet industry.


7 | BITS

13 Cozy Co-working Spaces to Chill in Around Jakarta

Image by bitscoworking

A funky co-working space that will make you fall in love with the moment you walk through the door, BITS has a community of freelancers, designers, writers, innovators, IT techies and entrepreneurs hanging out in its chic domain.

This is where you get to mingle and rub shoulders with the cool kids, whilst focusing on your project. In this workspace in SCBD, Jakarta, you will be able to connect, collaborate, work and learn in a dynamic co-working environment. You can grab flexible workspace or a hot desk with super-fast.

Wi-Fi to plug into. Established in 2015, BITS’ doors are open from 8 a.m to 8 p.m, Monday to Friday, and giving you the weekends off to play or vegetate.


8 | CoWorkInc

13 Cozy Co-working Spaces to Chill in Around Jakarta

Image by mbv.92

Located in Kemang, South Jakarta, CoWorkInc has officially become the home of Impact Hub Jakarta. Together, they are bringing exciting new programs, events and a global network of support for entrepreneurs and change-makers in Jakarta.

They offer you a variety of workspace: Work-Focused Area, which is designed to be music and noise free; Discussion Lounge, where you can have brainstorming session; Meeting Rooms, that can accommodate up to 8 people with free wireless Internet and video projector.


9 | GoWork

13 Cozy Co-working Spaces to Chill in Around Jakarta

Image by agdith.tan

GoWork is the new co-working space for the modern thinker. For the dreamer who seeks structure, the creative who needs tools and the influencer who wants company, welcome to your new communal workspace. Located all over CBD, Jakarta, Go Work co-working & office space provides a home for today’s fast-growing companies and independent freelancers.

GoWork is committed to building inspiring co-working spaces and fully equipped private offices to empower artists, creators, and entrepreneurs to reach new heights of success in Jakarta. Their thoughtfully designed shared workspace provides not only a productive and collaborative environment for teams to thrive, but also an ecosystem of tools and a network of support for businesses and companies to expand.


10 | BASE

13 Cozy Co-working Spaces to Chill in Around Jakarta

Image by gadiusagi

Located in Prudential Tower, Central Jakarta, BASE Cowork Lounge is a versatile space where you can spend your quality time working over a cup of coffee, having a great gathering or event.

They serve great coffee, high-speed Internet, a cozy event place, and comfortable meeting rooms. They also have their own library inside the working space. Also the other amenities such as personal locker, free beverages, lounge area, sky-view luxury sofa, also free unlimited access to over 10,000 titles of Japanese comic books.


11 | Concrete

13 Cozy Co-working Spaces to Chill in Around Jakarta

Image by cianathannia

Concrete is a co-working space based in North Jakarta, Indonesia, that is focused on workspaces, community, and services for creativities and entrepreneurs. At its heart, Concrete aims to provide global reach for those who need these facilities.

They also aim to empower creators to connect, create, and collaborate with others. Concrete provides you space and dynamic nature that you need. So, there will be no more “Monday Blues” coming to your 4 walls-office space.


12 | Greenhouse

13 Cozy Co-working Spaces to Chill in Around Jakarta

Image by greenhouse.id

Located at the Penthouse of Multivision Tower, Jakarta, Greenhouse is place where you will experience creative and hospitable workspace. Perched on the 25th floor, space provides a spectacular and breathtaking 360-degree view of the Jakarta skyline.

The 9 meters high ceiling and 1800 sqm ace bring out the essence of the garden-like environment, allowing you to indulge your senses, think beyond creativity and make meaningful connections. Catch a break and enjoy a taste of nature in a real-life garden in the sky.


13 | Avenue8

13 Cozy Co-working Spaces to Chill in Around Jakarta

Image by avenue8offices

As a service-focused co-working space, Avenue8 aim to help you with the little things in life so that you can fully focus on your work. All of their fully furnished private offices come with ergonomic workstations, dedicated phone line, storage drawers, and secured with the state-of-the-art access control system.

And in here, sharing an office does not mean losing privacy. You can enjoy unlimited use of their private phone booth to help you keep private calls private. And when you become a member of Avenue8, you can always have a workstation wherever you go.

That is all about 13 cozy co-working spaces to chill in around Jakarta. Now you can always work with choices of environment and ambiance. Whether it is to get connected, digging ideas with other workers, work discussion, you can always go with whatever have you. And pretty sure, these co-working spaces will make you more comfortable to work in.


Image Source of Header Banner: bitscoworking