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How You Can Get Ready to Travel Again Soon


After trying to get ourselves occupied by learning new hobbies and maintaining our physical and mental wellbeing, some of us are slowly going to adapt to the “new normal” habits as some countries, including Indonesia, undergo a “transition” period.  It is indeed a perfect time for you to plan your “travel tomorrow” bucket list because along with the implementation of Level 4, 3, and 2 Community Restrictions across the country to combat the further spread of COVID-19, Indonesia has also been preparing for a tourism reactivation with Bali designated as the pilot project region. Be mindful that “new normal” means you have to also present the “new you.” These tips will guide you on how to be a responsible traveler and also how to maximize your holiday experience.

1 | Have updated information from a trusted source

How You Can Get Ready to Travel Again Soon

Information is scattered everywhere throughout the Internet, but it is your job to make sure that the ones you’re getting won’t lead you to unexpected inconveniences. Therefore, if you’re planning to get your holiday in Indonesia, look for information about travel policy, transportations, destinations, accommodations, and everything else you need from official sources such as government websites, credible news portals, and trustworthy online travel magazines.

2 | Do more research on your bucket list

How You Can Get Ready to Travel Again Soon

Have you made a bucket list for the destinations you are going to explore? Get into your research deeper by looking for current conditions, current limitations, health & safety protocols, and many more. “New Normal” means new regulations, new public ethics, and also new things to be concerned about that you need to adjust yourself to. Please remember to always prioritize your health and safety while planning your future holiday.

3 | Plan your stay well

How You Can Get Ready to Travel Again Soon

A good holiday is always based on good planning. Therefore, after making sure that you have the information for all the safety protocols that you need to obey for your future holiday, the next step is to plan your stay carefully. Put the duration, itinerary, and budget into your consideration. Don’t forget to also choose whether you want to take solo travel or private tours. Be really careful about this one. The more detailed you are, the more comfortable your trip will be.

4 | Get inspired with hidden gems

How You Can Get Ready to Travel Again Soon

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Remember that being detailed, mindful, and responsible doesn’t mean that you have to strictly follow your itinerary like it’s some kind of manifesto. Pick one underrated spot from the destination you are going to by researching travel vlogs or make at least one empty slot on your itinerary to cover it by discovering new hidden gems that you can learn by listening to the local's recommendation. Go beyond the crowd, open yourself to out-of-the-box, fascinating overlooked adventures. After all, who doesn’t want to be the edgiest one out of your traveler’s peers?

5 | Stay healthy and safe

How You Can Get Ready to Travel Again Soon

As we have emphasized in point number 1 and 2, the most vital thing you have to consider while planning your trip is always your health, safety, and wellbeing. Therefore, never forget to load your luggage and backpack with your personal medicines and supplements. More importantly, take care of your own body starting from now. Boost your immune by eating healthy foods, increase your fitness by exercising at home, and find many other positive activities to do while waiting for your future trips.

The world is healing. Prepare yourself. It might not be the same as it was before, but humans always have the ability to adapt. In making this Earth a better place than before, we cannot remind you enough to be a responsible and mindful traveler for your future adventure.