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Climb These 5 Challenging Stairs to Breathtaking Places in Indonesia


Some people say that the best view is at the Top! Well, that's true. We have listed places that have breathtaking panorama,that may also serve as the spots to start your holiday cardio. But we promise that what lies at the end of the flights is really worth your climb.


1 | Ascend to the Peak of Borobudur

Climb These 5 Challenging Stairs to Breathtaking Places in Indonesia
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This largest Buddhist temple on Earth is located only one hour away from Yogyakarta. Borobudur was built in the 9th century, with the architectural concept of base-body-superstructure as translation of the ancient Buddhist cosmology comprising kamadhatu-rupadhatu-arupadathu. The whole structure resembles the idea of a terraced mountain blending in with the Buddhist concept of ascending steps to attain Nirvana. Kamadhatu is the base, Rupadhatu is formed by the five tiered square terraces and the Arupadhatu are the three circular platforms carrying a large stupa on top. The temple is also decorated with 2,672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues with a central dome surrounded by 72 Buddha statues in perforated stupas. An aerial view of Borobudur shows the overall plan forms a giant tantric Buddhist mandala. All tiers are connected with more than a hundred staircases. Some say the numbers are even higher — close to 500! — and others just lost count during the ascent. So will you be the one documenting your count from the base to the top?


2 | Spiritual Hike to the Royal Cemetery of Imogiri

Climb These 5 Challenging Stairs to Breathtaking Places in Indonesia
Photo source: www.tourjogjamasjo.com

The name "Imogiri" is derived from the Sanskrit word "Himagiri" which means "mountain of snow". The royal graveyard stands near Yogyakarta on top of a hill, built in 1632 by Sultan Agung Hanyokrokusumo, and is reachable only by steep stone steps leading to its summit. There are three main sections in this complex with a few sets of stairs connecting them, symbolizing important milestones. The set of 45 stairs mark the year when Sultan Agung passed away in 1645. The set of 9 symbolizes the Walisongo, the nine religious leaders who spread Islam on Java, while the longest sets of 346 symbolize the 346 years taken to construct the complex.


3 | The Statue of Blessing of Christ in Sulawesi

Climb These 5 Challenging Stairs to Breathtaking Places in Indonesia
Photo source: www.makassar.tribunnews.com

Buntu Burake Hill in Makale, of Tana Toraja in South Sulawesi has a new icon, a giant statue of Jesus Christ, soaring 45 meters high, standing 1,100 meter above sea level. Surrounded by a magnificent view, it has 7,777 stairs for visitors to hike. The bronze statue was created piece by piece inthe sculptor's studio in Yogyakarta and assembled on site, with a blessing hand gesture on the city of Makale. From Makassar's airport, Makale can be reached in 8 - 9 hours by car, taxi or by bus. Although today there are also flights from Makassar to Toraja. Prepare your stamina, because its going to be a phenomenal hike up with spectacular view!


4 | Climb to the Grojogan Sewu Waterfall in Tawangmangu

Climb These 5 Challenging Stairs to Breathtaking Places in Indonesia
Photo source: www.greencanyonari.blogspot.co.id

Welcoming you with a breezy mountain air, the Tawangmangu district in Karanganyar of Central Java is only two hours away from the town of Klaten. You can find many adventurous activities here such as flying fox, river rafting and outbound programs in this 64.30 sq km area. The highlight of the area are the stunning 81 meters high waterfalls called Grojogan Sewu, which means “a thousand waterfalls". You will need to climb 625 steps up and 625 steps down to see what gorgeous nature looks like. It's going to be worth it!


5 | Reach the Altitude of Suroloyo Peak in Magelang

Climb These 5 Challenging Stairs to Breathtaking Places in Indonesia
Photo source: www.pamitrantours.com

Choose your level of difficulty at Suroloyo Peak: The first level is an easy track, where you can enjoy the Borobudur silhouette from afar. Move to second level, 200 meter to the west, you can continue your ascent to the Sariloyo meditation site, where you can see the view of Mount Sumbing and Mount Sindoro. The third is called the Kaendran meditation site — the highest point of the three. There are at least 285 steps to get here, although you may want to count the steps yourself to prove them right!


6 | Don't Stop, Go Up! Trek Your Way to Galunggung Crater, Tasikmalaya

Climb These 5 Challenging Stairs to Breathtaking Places in Indonesia
Photo source: www.alaniadita.com

Mount Galunggung in West Java is a volcano with a soaring height of 2,167 m. The last major eruption of Galunggung were in 1982, 1983 and 1994. Luxuriant shades of green are all that meet your eyes, soothed by the soft blue sky and warm sunrays. After an exhilarating hike of 620 steps, you will see the crater immediately when you take a few steps along its edges. Don't forget to look back and savor what you just conquered!

Are you feeling excited already? Pack up your hiking gear and most comfortable shoes along with your camera, shore up your stamina, then explore Indonesia and create your perfect adventure!


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