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3 Ways to Sustain Our Environment through Carbon Footprint Offset

As time goes by, the bustling nature of our planet has been getting more tarnished. For that reason, we should strive to be more aware of our way of living, by always keeping sustainability in mind and trying our best to offset our carbon footprints. Not only does it contribute positively to the environment, but offsetting our carbon footprint can also be beneficial for the local socio-economy. Looking to start offsetting your carbon footprint but still don’t know what to do first? Just take a look at these three simple steps you can take below!


1. Knowing the sources of your carbon footprints


The first step you can take to start a more sustainable lifestyle is by recognizing the sources of our carbon footprints. Carbon footprints can be defined as the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions that we generate from our activities. These emissions can be produced from fossil-fuel usage. Electricity usage as well as greenhouse gasses, such as nitrous oxide (N2O) and methane (CH4), are also considered carbon emissions. A lot of our daily activities can emit carbon emissions. Activities like driving, riding public transport, consuming foods, using water, as well as buying certain goods and services, often involve the use of fuel, electricity, or production of greenhouse gasses. Think about what types of transportation you use daily, how much your household consumes electricity, or all the processes involved to make the products that you buy. By considering these things, you can adopt at least some small changes in your daily habits and consumption to reduce your carbon footprints.


2. Identifying the beneficial effect of carbon offsetting


After recognizing the sources of your carbon footprints and adopting changes to your activities, you can also start identifying the beneficial impacts you can give from carbon offsetting. A carbon offset is an effort we can do to reduce carbon emissions. Prolonged carbon emissions can cause harm to our environment. Human activities that emit carbon are known to be one of the biggest factors of climate change. Climate change refers to a shift in temperatures and weather patterns of the planet. As carbon dioxide fills the atmosphere, water would soak up its heat expanding the ocean. Glaciers and ice sheets across the world would also melt away due to the heat of carbon dioxide. Moreover, as water absorbs carbon dioxide, the ocean would become more acidic, negatively affecting marine food chains and the food supply for humans. With carbon offset, we can fight climate change together, in turn saving our environment and wildlife. Local communities would also be helped since most of them rely heavily on both. An example of carbon offset includes counting  the carbon emissions that might be produced from your activities with a carbon footprint calculator. Small gestures can do wonders if they are done by many!


3. Consciously using a carbon calculator as part of your daily life


The next step you can do to further reduce your carbon footprint is by consciously using carbon calculators as a part of your daily life. Every decision we make in a day might have at least a small impact on the environment. Consider using a carbon footprint calculator each time you make a decision that involves the environment. This calculator can be helpful for you to maintain a sustainable lifestyle. Offsetting your carbon footprint as far as you can is a critical step toward minimizing the dangerous impacts of climate change. Start counting the emissions produced from the electricity you use at home, the personal transportation you use daily, as well as all the transportation you choose to take to support your travel plans and start offsetting your carbon footprints!


Turning your lifestyle into a more sustainable one is challenging  yet extremely rewarding, right? As we save the planet, we are giving future generations a chance to live peacefully! If you’d happen to plan for a holiday soon, make sure to include Indonesia on your bucket list! There are plenty of amazing sustainable destinations worth checking out here.

Remember to always comply with the CHSE (cleanliness, health, safety, and environmental sustainability) protocols once you’ve arrived in Indonesia. Wear your mask in public, keep your distance from others, and wash your hands frequently.

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