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15 Amazing Experiences You Can Get in and around Yogyakarta!


Some people say that Yogyakarta is a city that is “trapped in the past”, but in reality, it’s just a place where the people value and maintain their tradition in a respectful manner. No wonder you will find so many recreational spots with old-school design and characteristics here. You know what else? The locals know how to have fun. Believe it when we say that you will get so many memorable things if you spend your holiday in this City of Scholars. Need some guidance? Here are 15-holiday ideas on how to create an unforgettable experience in Yogyakarta!

1 | Unforgettable Sunrise at Borobudur

Watching a great sunrise is definitely on everybody’s bucket list. Well, fret not because you can check that off your list as soon as you visit the gorgeous Borobudur Temple. As one of the best-preserved ancient monuments, this trip is bound to be unforgettable. With an extraordinary architectural style, this is surely the best view you can choose to accompany your view of the sunrise. Make sure to take lots of shots of the scenery because there is really nothing like the Borobudur temple. Book a trip now all the way to Borobudur, a trip worth every memory.

2 | Epic Surroundings at Watu Lumbung Beach

Image by asmasyarief

A true hidden paradise, Watu Lumbung Beach awaits you in Gunungkidul. This exotic beach is indeed something you would want to explore at least once in your life. What makes it more unique is that the beach itself does not have a beach shore. The beach is spread with coral reefs in all shapes and sizes, making it a spectacular beach like nothing else you’ve ever seen before. The trip to access the beach is an exciting one as it is not as easily accessible like other beaches in the area. But with a sight like this, this surely isn’t an experience you would want to miss. Plan a trip to explore the amazing Watu Lumbung Beach and have a wonderful holiday.

3 | Breathtaking Wediombo Beach

When was the last time you were super excited about a trip? Well, here’s an idea for those looking for some extra vitamin sea! Wediombo Beach is a hidden gem where one can have a great time! Splurge yourself in the surrounding blue waters, the calming beach breeze and the incredible view. Located around 2-3 hours away from the new Yogyakarta International Airport in Kulon Progo, Wediombo beach is also a favorite place for those who love fishing, snorkeling, and surfing. You can then enjoy fresh seafood by the beach and spend the night camping after the sun sets. However, don’t forget to bring your own tent!

4 | Charming Sunflower Fields at Samas Beach

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Is your Instagram feed missing some color? Well, come by to Samas beach where you can stand in the middle of cheerful sunflowers standing tall all around the fields that are bound to boost your mood for the day! The bright yellow colors mixed with the fresh green of its leaves deserve the best spot in your photo album and a special spot in your heart. Plan your trip on a beautiful sunny day and add the calming color of the blue sky to boost your mood even more. Visit now and prepared to be charmed!

5 | Stunning Landscape at Klangon Hill Merapi

“I am grateful for the blessings of mother nature”, that would be the first thing that comes to mind once you step into this spot and see the view of Merapi Mountain right before your very eyes. No wonder Klangon Hill is getting all the hype from both local and foreign tourists, right? Located at the very foot of the magnificent Merapi, once you find your way to Klangon Hill, you would be sad with the thought of going back home. Definitely a fresh cure for tired eyes, the exotic scenery of the Klangon Hill will make you want to go back again and again. Book a trip to Yogyakarta and have the time of your lives!

6 | Try the Flying Fox at Gedangsari Green Village

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Want to guarantee that this trip will be the trip of the lifetime? Well, prepare the adrenaline-seeker side of you and ride the longest flying fox in South East Asia here in Gedangsari Green Village with a shocking length of 625 meters! Along with this ride, you can see a phenomenal natural view right under you. What are you waiting for, thrill-seekers? Include this activity to your plan for an unforgettable holiday!

7 | Delicious Original Culinary of Gudeg

Sweet meals are often just right for dessert, sometimes even for a light appetizer. But have you ever heard of it being the main course and often accompanied by a plate of warm rice? Well, that is Yogyakarta’s specialty, the Gudeg! The traditional Javanese way of cooking is commonly a slow process and thorough, guaranteed to have a taste that goes into the very little details. This main ingredient in this dish is a young unripe jackfruit that the locals call “gori”. It is made out of this shredded gori and is boiled with palm sugar and coconut milk over low heat for several hours. Garlic, shallot, candlenut, coriander seed, galangal, bay leaves, and teak leaves are then added to the mix. This gives it their well-known reddish brown color and will spoil every one of your taste buds. Try this for your next lunch in Yogyakarta and taste the real traditional Javanese culinary experience!

8 | Taste the Local Remedy of Jamu

For an incredible holiday and to enjoy the best it has to offer, of course, your health must be at its best. Well, Jamu is often something the locals drink to guarantee their health since it is considered to be a traditional Indonesian medicine. The ingredients you can find in Jamu mostly include roots, bark, flowers, seeds, leaves, and fruits. Turmeric is very obviously tasted in the drink since it is believed to be the most powerful healing herb! The taste itself is unbelievably tasty and refreshing. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t forget to try the Jamu, a local remedy guaranteed to make you feel refreshed and ready to take on anything!

9 | Unique Handicraft Souvenir of Wayang Leather Puppet

The power and mysteries of Java’s traditional culture are always felt even on your first step in Yogyakarta. This is due to their traditions still being preserved in the city itself. This is even considered to be the main attraction that will catch your attention throughout your visit. One of the most known traditions is the Wayang Kulit, or the Leather Puppet. This puppet is mostly used for traditional performance art that is mainly storytelling surrounding the characters of this Wayang, accompanied by Gamelan music and Sinden singers. Finding a way to bring a little piece of Yogyakarta back with you? Then make sure to grab these Wayang while you can, widely sold in a lot of tourist spots.

10 | Heartwarming Music of Gamelan

Hearing the sound of an orchestra echoing through a room is always going to be an experience that’ll give you goosebumps. Well, make sure you do not miss out on the Indonesian orchestra, the Gamelan for an even more haunting performance. The Gamelan consists of many traditional Indonesian instruments like bonang or the gambang kayu , which are mostly tuned metal instruments struck with mallets. Widely different types of instruments are played to form a traditional melody bound to keep you stuck to your seats until the performance ends. Be sure to check it out!

11 | Watch the Soulful Dances of Ramayana at Prambanan

As a UNESCO world culture heritage, Prambanan temple is a truly captivating site. What’s more amazing is that you can actually have the chance to watch the Ramayana dance, the most spectacular performance you can experience in Yogyakarta. This performance is not only theatrical, but you can also be awed by the history that comes with it, the story of Prince Rama. This popular tourist attraction is the best chance for you to feel the Javanese culture first hand and see the wonderful performance with your very own eyes. Book a seat now for a performance like you’ve never witnessed before.

12 | Conquer the Street Food Adventure along Jalan Kaliurang

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Your number one stop for a culinary adventure, Yogyakarta’s very own Jalan Kaliurang! Once you stop here, you can never come home with an empty stomach. From food stalls to cafes and restaurants, Jalan Kaliurang has everything in a store just for you. Don’t forget to try various street foods available in many stalls along this road. Need a main course that can make you feel full? Or maybe you want to try a sweet dessert? Or maybe you’ll stick to snacking on street food? You name it! Definitely, a place to put in your must-do-list in Yogyakarta!

13 | Budget Shopping Nirvana at Beringharjo

Interested to buy many things but don’t have the heart to let empty your wallet? Fret not, Beringharjo is the place for you! This complete traditional market in Yogyakarta offers a variety of souvenirs you can take with you back home. It offers many traditional snacks like the Bakpia, traditional clothing (Batik), Javanese herbs and many antiques. It also offers a lot of food stalls that you can visit for a little taste of Yogyakarta, Be sure to drop by for a heavenly experience for budget shoppers!

14 | Dramatic Sunset of Parangtritis

A visit to Parangtritis surely has to be in the top five places in your itinerary for Yogyakarta. It is one of the most popular and attractive beaches for tourists. This is probably due to their beautiful blue waters with a perfect amount of waves, the phenomenal view all the way from the beach and the warm sun here to complete your already amazing day. Although visiting here in the afternoon is perfect for sunbathers seeking a warm glow from their skin, visiting here in the evening is where the real heaven on earth begins. Because of their outstanding scenery, watching the sun setting and disappear into the horizon is the perfect sight to enjoy with your loved ones. Sounds tempting? Plan a trip!

15 | Superb Nightlife across Alun-Alun and Malioboro

The city that never sleeps is the perfect definition of Yogyakarta, filled with lights, music, and laughter all the way back to morning. But Alun-Alun and Malioboro is the center of it all! You will certainly look around Malioboro for unique souvenirs in the afternoon but at night, the place is filled with rows and rows of food stalls great for your dinner or even midnight snacking trip. Alun-alun though, is where the fun really is since it is the most visited and therefore crowded spot for a fun night out. You can ride a vehicle decorated by flashy neon lights and blasting music from their speakers. You can chill and sit down on the grass watching all the
fun or you can even join in!