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Exclusively curated for the curious wanderers as we welcome every soul to be a part of our infinite wonders.


Guide to the Hottest Destinations for Couple

E-Booklet Couple for Wonderful Indonesia
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Extreme Adventure Guide for Adrenaline Junkies

E-Booklet Adventure for Wonderful Indonesia
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The Best Guide for Amazing Family Travel with Kids

E-Booklet Family for Wonderful Indonesia
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Journey of Wander: A Travel Guide to Semarang, Surakarta and Magelang

Here’s a complete travel guide to assist you in exploring the wonders of Semarang, Surakarta, and Magelang. A result of a collaboration between the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy with 5 Influencers: Mada Riyanhadi, Debby Permata, Dhita, Wastana Haikal, and Adaptasi.
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