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How to Travel without Flying? Here Are 5 Ways to Do It


With travel restrictions enacted in most countries across the world, a lot of us are spending our summer holidays at home, but the wanderlust remains. How do we fulfill our desire to travel? Let’s discover some travel experiences you can enjoy from the comfort of your home!

1 | Try destination-inspired decor ideas to decorate your house

Travel without Flying

It’s time to display the memorabilia you have collected from your favorite destination. Still, got batik wooden fans in your closet? You can hang them on the walls. Choose your favorite destination country and add various destination-inspired design elements to your room. Fancy some Indonesian vibes? Click here to learn how you can incorporate Batik designs into your home décor.

2 | Watch films and videos featuring your favorite destination country

Travel without Flying

Revisit your travel memories by watching films and videos that feature your destinations. Missing Jogja? You can watch What’s Up with Love 2 or Street Food: Asia’s episode about Mbah Satinem and Jajan Pasar. Craving Balinese touch? Watch Eat, Pray, Love. You can also view fun and informative vlogs from your favorite travel vloggers or maybe reflect on your travel memories by watching the videos you recorded on your previous trips to your favorite destinations!

3 | Recreate the traditional recipes of your favorite destination country

Travel without Flying

The local traditional cuisine is one of the unforgettable things about the places you visit. Since it is currently not feasible for you to visit these places to enjoy the local food, why don’t you try cooking some yourself? Some websites, such as or, provide great recipes of Indonesian traditional food in English. You can also visit this link to find Indonesian breakfast recipes that we have curated for you. Buy the ingredients from your local Asian stores and start cooking!

4 | Reconnect with Your Travel Buddies

Travel without Flying

Traveling is not just about seeing new places; it’s also about making new connections. Traveling allows you to meet a lot of new people from different corners of the world. You meet them on your flight, in the hotels, you stay at, or at the tourist sites you visit. After the trip is over, you hardly keep in touch with any of them. So try to reconnect with them: chat with them or perhaps arrange a teleconference party!

5 | Reminisce Your Travel Memories

Travel without Flying

It's time to look back at those sweet travel memories. You must have taken pictures and videos while having fun on your previous holidays, so now let's open the album and travel back in time to cherish those wonderful moments. You can also find cool ways to display your travel keepsakes. After all, memories last forever, don’t they?

Travel without Flying

It's only a matter of time before the world reopens to travel. Plan your future trip now. Dream today, and travel tomorrow.