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5 Ideas to Celebrate World Tourism Day This Year

Each year on 27 September every tourism enthusiast celebrates World Tourism Day. Designated by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the special day has been commemorated for more than 40 years. The World Tourism Day aims to encourage the development of tourism around the world as well as to raise awareness towards one of the world’s most important economic sectors. About millions to hundred of millions of people around the world earn their livelihood through tourism. It also allows people from each country to experience the diversity of the earth’s rich nature and culture, which in turn, will bring a sense of commonality bamong all of us. To honor World Tourism Day, we have brought you several excellent ways to celebrate it. Check them all out below! 


1. Set your day to travel virtually

a group of Sumbese traditional houses

Setting your foot to a place far away from your home and exploring it might not be a viable option for now. In these trying times, you might yearn to discover the tantalizing gifts of Mother Nature or experience the eccentric culture in different hemispheres. Good news! Because right now you can feel all of those things right through the comfort of your home. Set up some time to watch these 7 stunning videos of Indonesia’s wonderful attractions on your comfy sofa, while setting up your bucket list for a future trip.


2. Update your virtual background

a view of Kelingking Beach in Bali

Doing a Work From Home means joining a virtual meeting every once in a while. Why don’t you spice up your virtual background game? By using these 6 attractive sceneries of Indonesia’s astonishing nature the next time you have a virtual meeting. Choose between the spectacular coastline of Diamond Beach, the peaceful view of Padar Island, the glorious Borobudur Temple, the astounding Lake Toba, the otherworldly Raja Ampat, or the majestic landscape of Mount Bromo. Whichever background you’re going to pick, their beauty surely will refresh you and your colleague’s mind, as well as inspiring them to take a vacation to these enchanting spots sometimes soon after the pandemic is over.


3. Get crafty with your travel mementos

travel keepsake calendar materials

Longing for the good times you had in Indonesia during this tempting time? Let’s relieve them by making these amazing DIY travel keepsake crafts! Other than reminiscing your travel memories, making these travel keepsakes can also hone your crafting skill. Take any mementos you had from your trips such as photos or local souvenirs, and turn them into a neat room decoration.

finished travel keepsake calendar

Try crafting a frame featuring your favorite photos from the trip as well as the souvenir magnet you bought from the local flea market. Add a fresh touch to your room with a garland featuring the best photos you had while staying in Indonesia. Create a huge travel scrapbook to display on the wall and go crazy with it. Make your own calendar consisting of your holiday photos of choice. Or maybe, try decorating a tin box and fill them with your favorite travel mementos. Doing all of these keeps you occupied and makes you productive during World Tourism Day.


4. Pledge to be a responsible traveler on your next trip

rows of traditional wooden bowls

While celebrating World Tourism Day, it might be a perfect time for you to reflect and think about all the responsibilities you need to keep in mind next time you travel again. Give a huge contribution to worldwide tourism by remembering these 6 important tips to help you be more responsible as a traveler. Start by embracing mindfulness through doing extensive research and keeping yourself updated on any existing regulations as well as conditions of your chosen destination. Foster the growth of the local industry by purchasing authentic and locally made souvenirs. Seek a new destination to visit in the future. Learn some valuable cultural insights from the locals. Keep your trip sustainable by considering the environment around you. Set a high priority for your safety and sanitation by constantly checking your health and cleanliness. Make the world a better place by being responsible as always.


5. Support inspiring people working in tourism

three person sailing on a canoe

On this special day, any kind of support for people who work in the tourism sector will be greatly appreciated since they are quite vulnerable right now. Give your local and international tourism workforces some love by keeping an eye on their well-being and help them achieve their goals. Do them a favor by sharing and promoting various destinations around the world to others. These small actions can definitely help plenty of tourism workforces to get through the pandemic.

Have you chosen which one you’re going to do first on the World Tourism Day this year? Celebrating World Tourism Day with these ideas can remind us about the world’s natural and cultural wealth. Inspired to set a foot in Indonesia? Keep yourself updated on the latest CHSE (Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability) protocols, which consist of keeping your distance from others, washing your hands with soap regularly, and wearing a mask in public spaces.