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13 Unique Transportations You Have to Try in Indonesia


Traveling to new destination would not be complete without trying the local mode of transportation.  Explore the country by trying the unique mode of transports for land, water, and air. So, prepare yourself to experience  some interesting modes of transport that people use to get around in Indonesia!

Unique water transportations

  1. Rakit is a basic raft and can be found as a mode of transport used in rivers. They are usually made of composition of bamboo stems or barrels tied together with no engines. You can still find these rafts maneuvered manually by using a rope for guidelines to travel on the water. In Bintan, you can find rafts transporting people while having some lunch at one of the Kelongs.

    13 Unique Transportations You Have to Try in Indonesia

    Rakit, Image by Shutterstock

    2. Sampan looks like a small boat and are also still used in certain times for travelling short distances. Sampan are also known in some area as perahu, operated by as set of rows and without engines. You may rent some of these to tour the serene lake near Ulun Danu Beratan Temple in Bali.

13 Unique Transportations You Have to Try in Indonesia
Sampan, Image by Shutterstock

3. Klotok is a small boat that uses diesel engine and it comes in various size, ranging from a simple small boat without roofing to a larger boat that can accommodates more than a dozen people. Klotok can be found in Kalimantan island, where you can experience riding it on a journey along the Sekonyer river.

13 Unique Transportations You Have to Try in Indonesia

Klotok boat in Kalimantan, Image by Shutterstock

4. Jukung can be found in Kalimantan and in Bali. According to the shapes and production process there are 3 types of Kalimantan’s Jukung : Jukung Sudur, Jukung Patai and Jukung Batambit. You can find the festive panorama of these Jukung in the floating market of Lok Baintan, South Kalimantan. Balinese Jukung are slightly different in their shape, because they are build with outriggers attached on both sides of the hull and equipped with triangular sail. You can experience a Jukung dive trips around Amed in the north-eastern side of Bali.

13 Unique Transportations You Have to Try in Indonesia
Jukung, Image by Shutterstock

Unique land transportations

  1. Ojek, a motorcycle taxi that can only fit one adult passenger. It has become a solution for short trips and rush hour journeys in the heart of big cities like Jakarta. When online transportation served the people of the capital, the popularity of Ojol ( short for  Ojek-online , different than the non-metered regular ojek ) has increased significantly. With regular ojek, you need to bargain for the price before you hop on, while online ojek already have a fixed cost that you can pay through a phone apps. Either way, please don’t forget to follow the law and safety by always wearing a helmet when you catch a ride in these motorcycle taxis.

    13 Unique Transportations You Have to Try in Indonesia
    Ojek Online , Image by Shutterstock

  2. Becak is essentially a three-wheeled man powered transportation, merging a two-wheels passenger cart with the driver paddling bicycle at the back as the third wheel. You can still find some becak in cities like Yogyakarta and enjoy a laid back tour through the streets of Malioboro. Bargain before you go and prepare to pay cash.

    13 Unique Transportations You Have to Try in Indonesia
    Becak in Yogyakarta, Image by Shutterstock

  3. The hybrid version between becak and ojek is known as bentor or becak-motor, a motorized becak that have the perks of a faster and for longer distance. Becak and bentor have more capacity for your shopping bags and carry-on than ojek, that’s why in some region such as eastern indonesia, these bentors can easily be spotted near the local market. The motorcycle’s position of a bentor are not always in the backseat of their passenger’s seat, some are constructed side by side like the ones in Padang, West Sumatera. The same goes for the passenger’s cabin, which are very diverse with their very own unique style. In some parts of Indonesia, these bentors offers full stereo music experience to get you to one place to another. Definitely something you need to try!

    13 Unique Transportations You Have to Try in Indonesia
    Bentor, Image by Shutterstock

  4. The word Bajaj comes from India’s transportation company Bajaj Auto, and pronounced as “Bajai”. Originally it is also a three-wheeled transportation powered by 2-stroke motor engine, with a covered body that can fit 2 adults and a child passenger. Large openings at the door position are only covered with transparent thick plastic and black canvas tarp to protect from heat and rains. Bajaj is infamous for being too noisy and causes air pollution, that’s why newer version of Bajaj are  now  fueled by gas. Bajaj used to be recognised by its bright vermillion-black color, nowadays you will see more of the blue-eco friendly and less noisy Bajaj. During the hype of Asian Games 2018, some of these Bajaj were decorated uniquely to welcome the visitors to the vibrant city of Jakarta. There used to be Bemo, a bigger version of Bajaj, also with three wheels, that can occupy up to 7 people which are now a rare sight. Today these bemos are being replaced with a four wheeled “Bajaj Qute”, a new generation of Bajaj that looks like a small car fit for 4 passenger.

    13 Unique Transportations You Have to Try in Indonesia
    Bajaj in Jakarta, Image by Shutterstock

  5. There are also some traditional transportation that uses horse in a few cities and each have their own specific names. The most common one is Delman, a horse drawn carriage that can still be found in Jakarta, especially around the National Monument area. Meanwhile, Yogyakarta is famous for their Andong and Lombok with Cidomo. The difference between them are the carriage size and wheel set styles.

    13 Unique Transportations You Have to Try in Indonesia
    Delman, Image by Shutterstock

  6. The medium sized land transportation are commonly called angkot. Every province has their own special name and style. In Jakarta these angkot are called mikrolet, and comes in various colors and numbered according to their specific routes. In Makassar, South Sulawesi these transportation are called Pete-pete, Medan have their Sudako and Aceh with Labi-labi.

    13 Unique Transportations You Have to Try in Indonesia
    Angkot in Jakarta, Image by Shutterstock


  8. Tourism busses is also fun transportation to ride on, like The Bandros-Bandung Tour on Bus in Bandung West Java. With a colorful designs and a top deck, you can enjoy Bandung city vibes and stroll in style!


    13 Unique Transportations You Have to Try in Indonesia

    Bandros in Bandung, Image by Shutterstock



Unique Air Transportation

13 Unique Transportations You Have to Try in Indonesia
Seaplane in Bawah Island, Image by

  1. Another comfortable and stylish way to enjoy Indonesia is to fly in a sea plane. You can ride one of these when you book a stay in the exotic Bawah Island.

  2. Helicopter ride is becoming  more common to use in order to beat the traffic, especially during busy hour in the capital. You may rent them with private charter companies that you trust. There are also helicopter services in Bali that can help you to get a solid yes to your own private helicopter wedding proposal!

    13 Unique Transportations You Have to Try in Indonesia
    Helicopter, Image by Shutterstock

Come plan your next visit to Wonderful Indonesia and try as many unique transportation that you can find at your next dream destination! See you here!


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