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12 Inspiring Fit-Cation Escape You can Enjoy in Bandung


Bandung, a city of delight with a variety of interesting places that can allure your quench for refreshing leisure and excitement. Surrounded by the lush greeneries of forest, mountains, valleys, hills, waterfalls, and tea plantations, to the north, south, east, and west of Bandung’s city limits, Bandung is a soothing getaway for a fit-cation. Here are some of Bandung’s fit-cation activities for you to enjoy:

1 | Start the day with outdoor yoga at the Padma

12 Inspiring Fit-Cation Escape You can Enjoy in Bandung

Image by Padmabandung

Start your fit-cation with an early morning yoga exercise at one of Bandung’s gorgeous hotels that is perched atop a cliff with breathtaking surroundings, the Padma Hotel. Join the yoga sessions to embrace the harmony of nature with your body, mind, and soul in the breezy refreshing air with dazzling mountain & hillside views.

Yoga classes varied from beginners to advance and the sessions start from as early as 07.00 am and also in the afternoon at 04.00 pm. Guests staying at the hotel and also public guests are welcome to join the class. The Padma also features the highly trending yoga amongst celebrities, Acro Yoga, which is a crowds’ favorite.


2 | Hike the way to Tangkuban Perahu at Wana Wisata Jayagiri

12 Inspiring Fit-Cation Escape You can Enjoy in Bandung

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If you are a fan of hiking, then get into gear and enjoy hiking from Wana Wisata Jayagiri to Mount Tangkuban Perahu, which could be your perfect fit-cation. Located at Lembang, around 17 kilometers from Bandung city, Wana Wisata Jayagiri is a cross-country forest site that covers around seven acres of natural pine forest located in the foot of one of Bandung’s iconic famous volcanoes, Mount Tangkuban Perahu.

The fresh cool air and a stunning view of the natural pine forest along the way to the mountain is a magnet for hiking enthusiasts. The site also features a refreshing camping ground. A perfect combination of exercising to stay fit, breathtaking view, and getting in touch with nature.


3 | Go forest bathing around Cikole, Lembang

12 Inspiring Fit-Cation Escape You can Enjoy in Bandung

Cikole, Lembang, in West Bandung, is one of the most favorite tourist destinations as it holds a lot of attractive natural recreational sites. Around the many places to explore in Cikole, head off to one of the newest tourist attractions which just opened in 2016, called PAL 16.

Here, you can enjoy forest bathing (Wisata Hutan Pinus), equipped with facilities like gazebos for visitors to sit and rest in, also some hammocks for visitors to rent and enjoy some relaxing time and breathe in the freshness of the natural surroundings. This site opens daily from 08.00 am to 06.00 pm and it is easily accessible because it’s located strategically on the side of the road and the entrance fee is affordable.


4 | Dip in the Natural Hot Spring of Kampung Cai, Ranca Upas

Around 50 kilometers or about 90 minutes car trip from Bandung city to the south, you would find a well-known flora & fauna preservation site called Kampung Cai in Ranca Upas. Covering hundreds of acres of ground with a variety of flora and fauna, this site offers plenty of facilities that suit your fit-cation, from camping grounds to deer conservation, outbound activities, and last but not least, natural hot springs.

Enjoy some relaxing fit-cation and dip in the hot pool which holds water from the natural hot spring of Mount Patuha. With two hot pools suitable for adults and children, Kampung Cai is one of the 12 hot pools that Bandung is famous for. The entrance fee for the hot pool is quite affordable, around 15 thousand rupiahs.


5 | Eat fresh healthy local dishes at Kehidupan Tidak Pernah Berakhir restaurant

12 Inspiring Fit-Cation Escape You can Enjoy in Bandung

Image by veronica.afrassca

To keep you in shape in this fit-cation, you also need to consume nutritious food. How about a visit to one of Bandung’s most recent and trending healthy dish restaurants with a peculiar and long name, namely: The ‘Kehidupan Tidak Pernah Berakhir” or “Life never Ends” restaurant located at Jalan Pajajaran no. 63, Bandung? Life never ends by consuming healthy food is probably the premise for the concept of this restaurant as it serves vegetarian food at a surprisingly affordable price. It also serves “meat” dishes, however, the meat is made from processed veggies which taste similar to actual meat. So it’s quite a treat. If you’re a foodie and into healthy food, you surely have to visit this place that opens daily from 08.00 am to 10.00 pm.


6 | Enjoy trekking to find Curug Malela

12 Inspiring Fit-Cation Escape You can Enjoy in Bandung

Continue the fit-cation with some more physical and refreshing exercises by going trekking to Bandung’s own version of a mini Niagara Falls called Curug Malela. Curug is a Sundanese word for waterfalls and the Malela Waterfall is located in the village of Cicadas, West Bandung. With a height of around 60-70 meters, the majestic waterfall has five watercourses beautifully cascading.

The green beauty of the rice fields, the crystal clear water stream, and the freshness of the mountain air are amongst the things you would enjoy on your trekking trip to the waterfall. Although the path is quite steep, slippery, and challenging, once you arrive at the bottom of the waterfall and see the captivating scenery, you will find the experience is an awe-inspiring adventure.


7 | Breathe in the stunning view of Cukul Point

12 Inspiring Fit-Cation Escape You can Enjoy in Bandung

Head to the south of Bandung, around a three-hour car ride from Bandung city to Pangalengan, where you can find Cukul Point, a new tourist object that would wow your fit-cation. Dubbed one of the best sunrise spots in Pangalengan area, breathe in the stunning instagrammable view of the luscious tea plantation spreading out in front of you.

To reach Cukul Point, you need to hike around 2 kilometers from the parking spot, but you needn’t worry about being tired because the scenery along the way is a delight green with fresh cool air. The entrance fee is also considerably cheap, at around five thousand rupiahs. Experience the captivating view and make your fit-cation awe-inspiring!


8 | Go cycling at Palintang

12 Inspiring Fit-Cation Escape You can Enjoy in Bandung

Image by arief.surahman

What is a fit-cation without having to experience some cross-country cycling? Enjoy an exhilarating mountain bike ride to Palintang, one of Bandung’s favorite off-road tracks. Palintang is a village located in the Cilengkrang regency, East Bandung, around 8 kilometers from the Ujung Berung area.

At the peak of Palintang village which often serves as the starting point for the mountain bike ride, you could enjoy a fresh ride with quinine plantations in its surroundings. Also known as the Palintang track, this track is dubbed as one of the most challenging tracks, which would tease your adrenaline rush.


9 | Enjoy trail running at Tahura

12 Inspiring Fit-Cation Escape You can Enjoy in Bandung

Taman Hutan Raya Ir. H. Juanda, simply called Tahura A forest park, is truly an oasis for anyone who loves to enjoy a refreshing walk or exhilarating trail run amongst the greeneries. The park is located only some 6 km away from Bandung’s iconic landmark Gedung Sate. It features off-road terrain in open nature including hilly sections and other challenging natural obstacles. Trail run fans can enjoy running in a variety of tracks which include common asphalt roads, rocky roads, dirt/mud roads, village paths, and paving blocks.

There are also varieties of activities that you can try here, such as stopping by the museum, trekking to find Curug Omas Maribaya, or entering the Goa Jepang and Goa Belanda. Do taste some local snacks in various diners set in the parking area on your way home to complete your adventure!


10 | Try rafting at Ciwidey

If you enjoy the thrill of crashing through waves and pumping up your adrenaline then rafting would be the excellent choice for your fit-cation. Go rafting in one of Bandung’s favorite rafting spots, Ciwidey. It’s just about 50 km away from the center of the city.

The perfect outdoor set that indulges your taste of nature with a coolness of the river water under the shining sun, a challenging row of towering karst to crush, as well as some breathtaking views of the natural scenery along the rafting path. The perfect fit-cation adventure!


11 | Sip some energizing coffee at Kopi Aroma

12 Inspiring Fit-Cation Escape You can Enjoy in Bandung

Image by kopiaroma.bandung

For all you coffee enthusiasts, worry not, because Bandung also has several coffee shops you can add to your bucket list, one among the best ones is Kopi Aroma. This legendary Bandung’s coffee shop was established in the 1930s and has stood the test of time as a favorite coffee shop to this date. The shop maintained the rustic feel by staying put in its original place situated at Banceuy Street no 51, Bandung.

The workshop is located right behind the coffee shop and you could sense the distinctive aroma of the coffee from hundreds of meters away. Kopi Aroma’s coffee bean is a grinded in a traditional method using firewood to support its roasting instruments and thus produces top-quality coffee. The coffee shop opens from Monday to Saturday, from 09.00 am to 2.30 pm.


12 | Reward yourself at The Spa Trans Luxury Hotel

12 Inspiring Fit-Cation Escape You can Enjoy in Bandung

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After a long day of adventure and fun, your fit-cation would not be complete without indulging yourself to some relaxing spa treatment to help you unwind. What better than rewarding yourself with some tranquility at the Trans Luxury Hotel Spa right in the heart of Bandung’s city at Jl. Jendral Gatot Subroto No.289.

Located on the 5th floor of the hotel, the Spa at the Trans Luxury Hotel is the ultimate definition of rejuvenating and relaxing in luxury.  It offers a unique nature-based environment crafted and exclusively developed using the world’s most luxurious products to pamper and refresh your body, mind, and soul. The Spa opens daily from 09.00 am to 11 pm.


With the fresh outdoors and adventurous activities, Bandung is your perfect spot for a fitcation escape! If you consider yourself an adventure-seeker, make sure to put this city in your bucket list for unlimited fun and thrills. 

While you’re there, it is also important to keep implementing cleanliness, health, safety, and environmental sustainability health protocols. This means to always keep your distance, wear your mask at all times, and wash your hands with soap and water.