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Temporary Entry Restriction Policy for Foreign Citizens Visiting Indonesia


Following the information about the emergence of a new variant of the 2019 novel coronavirus, the Indonesian government will impose a temporary entry restriction policy for foreign citizens from all countries to Indonesia in the period of 1- 8 February 2021. Based on Circular Letter No. 2 Year 2021 regarding International Travel Health Protocols during the Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) Pandemic, here are some provisions that need to be considered:

●      Foreign citizens from all countries who are planning to enter Indonesia in the period of 1- 8 February 2021, either directly or transiting in another country, are prohibited from entering Indonesia except those making official visits at the ministerial level and above with strict health protocols.

●      This prohibition is exempted for:

○      Holders of diplomatic residence permits and service permits

○      Holders of limited stay permit (KITAS) and permanent residence permit (KITAP).

●      The government requires that Indonesian citizens and foreign citizens from all countries who arrive in Indonesia at 31 December 2020 the latest to apply the rules according to the provisions in the Covid-19 Handling Task Force Circular Letter Number 3 Year 2020, such as:

○      Showing negative results of the RT-PCR test in the applicable country of origin on a maximum of 2x24 hours before departure time and at the time of medical examination in Indonesia

○      Upon arrival in Indonesia, foreign citizens must do a re-examination of the RT-PCR. If it shows a negative result, the foreigner shall carry out mandatory quarantine for 5 days from the date of arrival.

○      After 5 days of quarantine, foreign citizens must do a re-examination of the RT-PCR and if the results are negative, foreign citizens are allowed to enter the country.


We will keep updating you on new regulations regarding traveling to Indonesia.