Recommendation Spots in Batam for One Day Trip


Only less than an hour away from the skyscrapers of Singapore is the beautiful Batam Island, a part of Indonesia’s Riau Islands Province. It is a visa free destination that you can conveniently visit for a day trip from Malaysia or Singapore. With easy access from neighboring Malaysia and Singapore, this island offers visitors a chance to refresh and relax in numerous ways. If you are looking for some chill time in white sandy beaches, shopping spree, the trip of luxury, total relaxation or maybe just to simply satisfy the craving for fresh seafood, then Batam is your perfect place to be!

Recommendation Spots in Batam for One Day Trip

Best Things to Do in the Morning

You can choose to start your day in Batam by doing one of these interesting activities:

1. Sightseeing Bucket List

Go sightseeing to these selections of favorite natural sceneries:

Nongsa Beach

One of the favorite beaches in Batam is Nongsa beach. It only takes a 25-minute drive from the airport to the beach. If the sky is clear, you can enjoy  Singapore’s skyline from Nongsa Beach. 

Putri Island

Putri Island is located not too far from Nongsa Beach. You can take a boat from Nongsa Beach and you can reach the Island within 5-10 min. This new developed beach will usually be packed with tourists on weekends, so prepare yourself!

Recommendation Spots in Batam for One Day Trip

Mangrove Pandang Tak Jemu

Not too far from Nongsa Area, you can find the mangrove forest named Mangrove Pandang tak Jemu. The perfect place for Instagramable pictures! Where you can find adorable wooden boards on the trees with inspiration quotes written on it. The resort is a perfect fit for those seeking leisure at it’s finest. With 450 contemporary rooms, suites and villas to suit couples, families and corporate groups. Each well-appointed room and suite features a furnished balcony, in-room amenities, and modern conveniences.

2. Fun in the Sun

A true island trip like a trip to Batam would definitely be fun. Up for the challenge?

Water Sports

Sea Forest Adventure is designed to be Batam’s new family leisure and educational entertainment destination. It is also only a 15-minute drive away from the airport and 30 minutes from the ferry. The recreational area offers four kinds of adventures for you to enjoy with your loved ones: Aqua Adventure Track, Land Adventure Track, Sea Adventure Track, and a Camping Ground!

Recommendation Spots in Batam for One Day Trip

Tee Off

Batam is also a favorite pick for visitors who loves to spend their time at the greens. Among several golf courses, the famous ones are Sukajadi Golf Course, Palm Spring Golf and Tering Bay Golf.

Best Thing to Do at Noon

It’s the middle of the day and the sun is on its peak, so maybe you can choose to energize yourself at one of these places :

Recommendation Spots in Batam for One Day Trip

1. Seafood Feast

Catch Batam's signature seafood menus at these recommended places:

Barelang Seafood

As the biggest seafood restaurant on the island, Barelang Seafood is famous among tourists visiting Batam worldwide. The must-try dishes here is the Sweet and Sour Fish, Steamed Shell, and Stir-fried Baby Kailan with Mushroom. In fact, what’s unique about seafood restaurants in Batam, you can actually choose from the live seafood they have captured to guarantee the freshness of your seafood.

Rezeki Seafood

Just a 10 minute trip from Hang Nadim airport and 15 minutes from Batam Center Ferry Terminal, another favorite seafood restaurant is Rezeki Seafood. A must-try exotic dish during your trip here is the boiled Gonggong. The gong gong snail lives in the water and has a chewy texture to it. Even the manner to eating it is unique, which is picking out the snail inside with a toothpick.

Yong Kee Seafood

Who doesn’t know the famous Batam Fish Soup? It is a popular dish among tourists and many visits the island for that only purpose. The freshness of the soup is best for Batam’s hot days. You can find this famous fish soup at Yong Kee Seafood, located in Nagoya City Centre, right near Batam’s biggest shopping mall, the Nagoya Hill.

2. Explore the Landmarks

These are some of the iconic landmarks you need to visit when in Batam:

Barelang Bridge

Definitely, the first spot you must include in your itinerary for a trip to Batam is the spectacular Barelang Bridge. Connecting three islands at once, the Barelang is short for Batam, Rempang, and Galang. It consists of a total of six bridges but the most prominent one being the first bridge, standing proud and tall with its magnificent structure.

Recommendation Spots in Batam for One Day Trip

Batam Grand Mosque

Crowned as the biggest mosque in Batam Island, The Batam Grand Mosque is located in a strategic area and only takes 3 minutes from the Batam Centre International Ferry Terminal, 5 minutes from Hang Nadim International Airport and 15 minutes from Nagoya. You can also see the iconic Welcome Batam sign placed on the hill, near the Mosque! 

Recommendation Spots in Batam for One Day Trip

Vihara Duta Maitreya Batam

Located only 14 km from the Hang Nadim Airport, reaching Vihara Duta Maitreya takes only 16 min by car. It also only takes 10 min from Batam Centre International Ferry Terminal. The Vihara functions as a place for Buddhist praying and rituals. The area is also home to an established facility of kindergarten to university. 

3. Splurge on Spa Treatment

Xoleil Spa

It is a newly opened spa at Batam, perfect for spoiling your needs for pampering. The spa also has a fantastic waiting room decorated with customized batik tiles, a stunning 20 years old chandelier, and Moroccan style cushions. When you enter the waiting room you will also see one of the unique spots where they store all the natural ingredients for the treatments. A perfect choice for precious relaxing time in Batam!

Best Things to Do around the Evening

Last part of the day must also be sealed with fun vibes, and here are some ideas to start:

1. Local Food Hunt

A2 Foodcourt

Located in Jalan Bunga Mawar at Lubuk Baja Batam, A2 Foodcourt is a popular destination for those of you keen on trying a variety of local foods in one stop. While you’re here, don't forget to try the cha kiew, a stir-fried carrot cake, egg and kway teow with Cai Pu, chili and sweet soy sauce.

Mie Tarempa Sungai Panas

Get yourself a portion of the famous Mie Tarempa, Batam's special noodles with various toppings (meat, chicken or seafood). What makes it more unique is that the price to this delicious meal is only Rp.12.000,- which is super cheap for a proper meal.

2. Stroll the Shopping Malls

Recommendation Spots in Batam for One Day Trip

Nagoya Hill

With a total of 8,9 acres in size, how can Nagoya Hill Mall not be the most iconic shopping destination for those visiting Batam. With fairly complete retail goods in a cheap price, it is no wonder that a lot of tourists visit Batam with the sole reason to shop here in Nagoya Hill.

Batam City Square

Locally known as BCS, this is also a favorite destination for shoppers worldwide. Being right in the middle of the island,  BCS has a more strategic location for you to blend into the locals.

Mega Mall Batam Center

Located right across the Batam Ferry Terminal, and even has its own connecting bridge between the two places, it is mostly known for being the tourist destination for last minute shopping.

3. Hang Out at Cafe and Bar

If you are still not ready to seal your fascinating day in Batam, then linger at Batam Center or Nagoya area and choose your most favorite spot for the night!

Best Rest Area to Stay in

Since you can do a lot of things in Batam, the best place to stay would be somewhere strategic so you can fit most of your activities comfortably in your schedule.

Near the Airport

One of your best choices would be the island’s largest convention center hotel itself, the Radisson Golf & Convention Center. The hotel is located only 4 km away from the city center and since it’s only 9,6 km from Hang Nadim Airport, it will only take you 18 mins to reach the airport by car.

Recommendation Spots in Batam for One Day Trip

Near the Landmark

When quality family vacation is all that you are seeking, then the facilities at Harris Resort Barelang can be just the right choice! This resort is located 40 km away from Singapore, and 18 km away from Hang Nadim International Airport. One of the best parts of this hotel is its awesome swimming pool and playground area with scenic sea view of the iconic landmark!

Near the Sea Port

Batam’s prime area include the Batam Centre Ferry Terminal. It is located only 6 km away from Best Western Premier Panbil. Seize the moment and enjoy its superb infinity pool, relaxing lounge and rooftop bar. Have a total me-time and pamper yourself at their wellness spa!

Last but not least, another place to stay would be exclusive Montigo Resort Nongsa, located not far from Nongsa port. Guests who enter from Singapore or Malaysia using the ferry and get off at Nongsa port can use the free shuttle bus service to get to the resort. The choice of villas on the hill come with outstanding ocean view and elegant interior. Exactly what you need to splurge on luxury!

Now, these are only a glimpse of ideas to help you spend 24 hours visit in Batam. There are so many more to explore and enjoy on your next trip soon!