Planning for Your First Solo Trip? Here’s 5 Destinations to Consider!


It is true that for some people, solo travel sounds unusual. Most people are getting used to finding joy by sharing an adventurous experience with their companions, either partner, friends, or family members. However, solo travel has its own perks. Aside from having full control of your own trip, you can enjoy all the excitement in the comfort of solitude. Furthermore, you can avoid less crowds, especially since getting exposed to unwanted risk is the last thing we want on a holiday.

Getting excited to start your very first solo trip to Indonesia? We have some destination recommendations and travel to-do lists based on the 5S: sight, sound, savor, scent and sense of touching. Never be intimidated with a solo trip anymore, because with our recommendations, you are going to get the maximum adventure that will indulge all of your senses!

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With this brief yet concise guide, you won’t have to worry about solo traveling to these destinations. It’s even better because it should not be hard for you to implement social distancing and plan a more contemplative yet immersive travel experience. However, we need to remind you that being a responsible traveler is the most important thing you need on your journey. Be mindful of your surroundings and a great adventure will come to you!