Bali's Adrenaline pumping Water Sports


There is no limit to how much fun you can have when you are on vacation in the tropical paradise called Bali. Often dubbed as the Land of the Gods, Bali truly has everything anyone would want in a vacation. The culture, art, food and simply the warmth of the people, the shining sun and sand tickling your feet would be enough to make anyone feel depressed when they think of leaving this sublime destination.

Although many imagine partying or lazing on the beach during an island vacation, daredevils flock to the island for something more than mere fun in the sun. It takes quite some courage to venture into the world of fun and extreme water sports. But when in Bali, you just can't miss trying out at least one of these heart-pounding workouts.

Beware, some bumps, bruises and scrapes are probably coming your way, but they will all be totally worth it!



Bali's Adrenaline pumping Water Sports

When you are on an island vacation, it just would not make sense if you do not plunge into the cool pristine waters surrounding you. Plus, if you are a sports newbie or not physically active, snorkeling would be the perfect choice for those of you who want to experience a slight thrill. If you want a more profound connection with the ocean, then sign up for some scuba diving classes so you can delve deep into the waters and swim with more unique fish species.

Although snorkeling is available in almost all of Bali's commercial beaches, we recommend you try these spots for a more memorable undersea experience: Nusa Lembongan trio (a bit off the coast of the main island of Bali), Pemuteran BeachBeach Amed and Nusa Dua (easiest access).

Meanwhile, for those of you who prefer to scuba dive, these are top spots for plunging deep into Bali's waters.

For beginners: Amed, Padang Bay and Menjangan.

For more experienced divers: Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Candidasa.



Bali's Adrenaline pumping Water Sports

This is probably the number 1 reason water sport buffs from around the world come to Bali: to surf! Wave riders flock to the island to tackle some of the most awesome waves the ocean has to offer. This is the sport that ultimately led to Kuta beach being one of the best surf spots across the globe. Now, surfers have plunged deeper into the Indonesian islands secrets to uncover other, and sometimes better, waves to conquer. The following are some of the best surf spots in Bali.

For beginners: Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, Echo beach, Sanur

For experts: Uluwatu, Green Bowl, Canggu, Nusa Lembongan, Suluban



Bali's Adrenaline pumping Water Sports

If you seek an exhilarating experience with the chance to glimpse an amazing view from the top, then parasailing is the right water sport for you. Have fun flying up in the air attached to a parachute-like device as a speedboat pulls you around the waters for a thrilling flying sensation. Plus, this is also a fun experience for couples who want a different kind of thrill because there are many parasailing rides available for two people.

Some of the greatest spots for parasailing: Tanjung Benoa and Nusa Dua's beaches.



Bali's Adrenaline pumping Water Sports

Did you imagine flying off using jetpack like the The Jetsons when you were a kid? Well, now you can do that in real life! Flyboarding is the latest craze in Bali that combines the experience of surfing and Jet Skiing. The Flyboarding device will thrust you into the air with water shooting out from the ends of your boots as boat drags you around the ocean. How awesome is that??

Some of the best spots for flyboarding: Tanjung Benoa and Nusa Dua's beaches.



Bali's Adrenaline pumping Water Sports

Although this water sport was actually founded in the 1940s, Wakeboarding has just recently become the latest fad for the ocean's daredevils and thrill seekers. This sport combines the thrills of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing. The rider is usually pulled by a motorboat travelling between 30 – 40 km per hour. For those of you who love to do stunts, this is a great water sport for breaking out moves. Can't wait to try? Well, Bali has the perfect place for this sport: Bali Wake Park. Here, experienced Wakeboarders can sharpen their skills while beginners can try their luck and practice their moves.



Bali's Adrenaline pumping Water Sports

If you want to experience a true adrenaline rush while enjoying the beauty nature has to offer, then you must go rafting in Bali. This water sport gives you the opportunity to get more up close and personal with Bali's rare flora and fauna. This is the best action packed adventure for those of you travelling in groups.

There are three spots for white water rafting in Bali: Melangit river, the challenging Telaga Waja river, and the famous Ayung river.