The Palu Nomoni Festival 2016


On 24th to 26th September 2016, the spotlight will turn to Palu, capital city of Central Sulawesi Province, when the Palu Nomoni Festival 2016 takes place with festivity and vibrant attractions. The annual festival which started in 2008 was initially called Palu Bay Festival, however, this year the word “Nomoni” – meaning resounding- taken from the local Kaili ethnic language, has been added to illustrate the intention to let the beauty of Palu reverberate throughout the world.

The 3 days exciting festival will feature various art and cultural attractions including a colossal music performance of 520 Lalove (traditional flutes) and 1,040 Gimba (traditional percussions) on the spectacular bamboo stage illuminated by lights of Sulo (traditional torches) which will be placed in 520 points along the bay of Palu. There will also be the sandeq traditional boat race, a swimming competition to cross the bay of Palu, and other exciting competitions.

Starting this year, the festival will also be highlighted with the “Palu Nomoni International Marathon” which is the first ever Marathon event in the city. Targeting participation of 2,000 runners, the race will be divided into the categories of Full Marathon (42,195K), Half Marathon (21,1K), 10K, and 5K. More than just a running competition, participants will be taken to some of the amazing spots of Palu including the 7km track on the shoreline leading to the finish line.

Building up the hype for the festival, the official launch of the Palu Nomoni Festival 2016 was held on Monday, 20th June 2016 at the Soesilo Soedirman Hall at the Sapta Pesona Building (the office of the Ministry of Tourism), in Jakarta which was attended by the Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya, the Mayor of Palu Hidayat, the Vice Mayor of Palu Sigit Purnomo Said, and the Vice Governor of Central Sulawesi Province Sudarto. “The main goal of the festival is obviously to further promote Palu as a top tourist destination in Central Sulawesi. The festival is also expected to help boost the arrival of tourists to the city which this year is targeted at 500,000 domestic and 25,000 international tourists” said Mayor Hidayat as reported by

Meanwhile, Minister Arief Yahya expressed his appreciation for the annual event and its role to preserve the various cultural splendors that have grown into tourist attractions. ”The event is a perfect media to preserve and develop the traditional culture of the local people, at the same time boost the economy of the region” added Minister Arief Yahya.

The city of Palu, capital of the province of Central Sulawesi sits on the “neck” of the K shaped island of Sulawesi. Palu is the gateway to the Lore Lindu National Park and the mysterious Bada valley, where lie scattered megalithic statues resembling those on Easter Island, while further east is the diving haven of the Togean Islands.

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