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6 Unique Things You Should Experience in Labuan Bajo

Situated on the westernmost end of Flores Island, Labuan Bajo is truly a gem of East Nusa Tenggara well-known for the stunning sunset views and natural attractions. However, is that all? Definitely not, because there are still plenty of unique things you should experience in Labuan Bajo. Good thing is: we have some recommendations for you. Prepare yourself for a different taste of holiday and read these particular trip ideas in Labuan Bajo for your considerations!


1. Quench your thirst with the refreshing local mineral water "Ruteng"

When you go to Labuan Bajo, you will be welcomed by Ruteng: the only mineral water brand in Manggarai Regency. Apparently, this mineral water brand produced by a local company called PT Nampar Nos is a form of contribution for the development in Manggarai Raya, which also provides job opportunities for the Manggarai people. Therefore, consuming this mineral water is not only refreshing to your body, but also important for the sustainable tourism in Labuan Bajo. Curious to try it?


2. Taste the locally made artisan ice cream at "Maison Belmont"

Maison Belmont is one of the home-made artisan ice creams which offers many distinguished flavors ranging from chocolate, matcha, coffee, black sesame, to vegan options like basil lemon or mango golek sorbet. It is located on Jl. Lingkungan III, which is only a 2-minute walk from the port of Labuan Bajo itself. Dare yourself to explore all the menus and flavors and enjoy the mouth-watering experience!


3. Enjoy the sensation of "Black Komodo Ice Cream” at Resto Mai Cenggo

Maybe you’re wondering, what is actually “Black Komodo Ice Cream”? Well, take a look at the picture above. This pitch-black-colored ice cream does not only have a distinctive appearance, but also a unique taste! The black color of the ice cream comes from charcoal powder mixed with chocolate and coconut water. Therefore, the combination of sweet, fresh, and savory flavor makes this ice cream a one-of-a-kind dessert experience for everyone.

Black Komodo Ice Cream is sold in the Fruito ice cream stall, which is located inside the Pondok Mai Ceng'go Restaurant on Jl. Alo Tanis - Labuan Bajo. Ready to taste the “Black Komodo” by yourself?


4. Visit Valentino Rossi’s favorite restaurant, “La Cucina”

Did you know that once, Valentino Rossi visited a restaurant in Labuan Bajo and loved every second of the experience he had there? Introducing La Cucina: a small Italian restaurant that will give you a genuine home-made sensation. The restaurant, located not far from the beach and Labuan Bajo port, is situated at Jl. Soekarno Hatta, Labuan Bajo. The legendary racer, who was originally from Italy, was delighted to taste the octopus salad and other Italian specialties, such as pasta and pizza.


5. Sip the traditional fermented beverage “moke”

Similar to Java Island, famous for its authentic “jamu” traditional herbal drink, East Nusa Tenggara also has a special drink called “moke.” This drink is processed through the distillation of palm tree fruit and flowers and cooked using claypots. Moke is usually served when you come to local traditional events like weddings, rituals, religious ceremonies, etc. Uniquely, moke is typically consumed as a companion to the main dish along with areca nuts or known by the locals as “biji pinang.”


6. Savor the authentic farm-to-table moments at “Dapur Tara Flores”

Experience the ultimate “hidden gem” excitement in Labuan Bajo by visiting Dapur Tara: a community-based farm-to-table restaurant. Introducing Flores culture through authentic local cuisines, Dapur Tara carries the concept of forest living. You can witness the exciting routines of local residents while eating traditional menus which are served according to the ongoing season.

Aside from being a farm-to-table, community-based traditional restaurant, Dapur Tara also provides an eco-homestay called Sten Lodge and a nature school for local children under 10 years old where they can pay their tuition fees by using barter system. Their special menu is nasi kolo: seasoned cooked rice roasted inside a bamboo. Such a great combination of interesting concept, isn't it? Make sure to book a reservation via WhatsApp before you visit Dapur Tara.


Reading all these unique trip ideas in Labuan Bajo, surely you can’t wait to experience all of them in one visit, right? Well, if you are planning to visit Labuan Bajo, we need to kindly remind you to be updated with the latest international travel regulations and comply with all the health protocols. Be a responsible traveler and keep practicing healthy habits such as wearing a mask in public places, washing hands frequently, and implementing social distancing. Last but not least, follow our social media channels in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok for updated information regarding travel and creative economy in Indonesia.