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10 Island Hopping Adventures for Your Extra Vitamin Sea in Komodo National Park


The Komodo National Park in the East Nusa Tenggara Province is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. The natural and chilled-out vibe of the islands together including the breathtaking view of turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, and lush trees are definitely a great choice for your next holiday. Which islands should you visit during your trip? Here are 10 of them!

1. Bidadari

With blue waters, sandy white beaches and the most stunning coral, it is no wonder that this island is called Angel Island. Not only that, but the whole island is surrounded by beautiful hills and lush forests. It is also the best place for beginner divers because the coral, colorful fish and beautiful ocean life can be seen from even 5 meters deep.


Image by eryradixa

You can also enjoy this beautiful view by snorkeling. After all, Komodo National Park is known for being one of the best diving spots in the world.

2. Sebayur

Chosen as one of the best places you can dive at, this little island has the highest number of diving spots at Komodo National Park. Most of the people visiting the island are usually there to dive. You can rent a local boat there for your diving team.


Image by vew_janier

Although known for their beautiful diving spots, visitors also go there for trekking. The island still maintains most of its natural beauty, giving you another reason to visit!

3. Kanawa

Truly heaven on earth, even on your first step on the docks of Kanawa island, you will be welcomed by a stunning view of the marine life through the crystal clear water. This island is also 32 hectares big with an incomparable natural view, making it seem like a private island.


Image by j_anandary

The island is known for its crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. If you manage to stay until 11 pm, one can experience the starry night sky lighting up the whole island as the electric power is turned off. 

4. Padar

You might have seen the beautiful island in a lot of pictures when you search for Komodo National Park because this is one of the most famous islands there. It is the third-largest island in the Komodo National Park and it is mostly covered with savannahs and a stunning landscape of hills.


It is surrounded by three beautiful bays. It has three main beaches with three different colored grains of sand, a white sandy one, a black charcoal one and a baby pink sandy beach. If you’re in luck, you might see manta rays, reptiles, dolphins and sometimes even whales on this island!

5. Komodo

True to its name, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is the home to the largest lizards on earth, the Komodo Dragon. Other than these unique animals that are known to be the last of its kind, the landscape of the island is as amazing as seen in pictures.


Trekking up to the hills where you can see the bays of the islands from up high is truly a sight you do not want to miss. Preserving its natural beauty, the only accommodation available is guesthouses in the fishing village.

6. Seraya

With its majestic offshore reef, this tiny tropical island is a great escape away from the hustle and bustle of cities. As you stare into the clear and calm waters, all your stress is surely going to be relieved.


Image by nastyakryvenok

A place truly for those who are looking for peace and serenity. Of course, you can also enjoy swimming, snorkeling and even fishing around the island!

7. Rinca

Although Komodo Island is known for the place to spot a Komodo Dragon, you’d likely be seeing more of them at Rinca Island, where there is less impact from visitors and tourists. Basically untouched, this island is a natural habitat for the Komodo.


Image by eryradixa

It is better to explore this beautiful island with a guide, or else you would either get lost or not know where to look around.

8. Kelor

If you're looking for serenity, unspoiled scenery, romantic and intimate nuance, you should really visit Kelor Island. The main attraction in Kelor is water sports, so don’t forget to bring a change of clothes. Other than that, the view is also incomparable with its stunning shorelines and the vast sea. Of course, this beautiful island is also perfect for snorkeling and diving.

9. Menjerite

Also blessed with a majestic view, Menjerite island is known for its crystal clear waters and colorful coral right under it.


Image by razif_wander_

A favorite spot on the island is a long wooden bridge going over the waters while overlooking a stunning view of the lush green trees of hills surrounding it. Experiencing this view while accompanied by hundreds of different fishes that are visible from the bridge, it really is paradise.

10. Kalong

Kalong is translated as Bats in the Indonesian language. Staying true to its name, the beautiful mangroves surrounding the island is home to thousands of bats. So prepare to see these little critters emerging out of their homes in a synchronized manner for a food hunt mission with a fiery sunset backdrop. Truly a view of a lifetime!


Image by camilladellion

The Komodo National Park is known for its beautiful landscape, crystal clear waters, and amazing aquatic life. Not to mention the sunsets, the lush green trees and also the beaches. Doesn’t island-hopping sound perfect for your next holiday trip? Well, the Komodo National Park awaits!